Long-Term Environmental Targets and Company-wide Environmental Business Plan

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Targets for Fiscal 2020

Keenly aware that society must undergo major transformations to establish a low-carbon society, Fuji Xerox has reaffirmed its responsibility as a leading company. In 2009, we established quantitative greenhouse-gas emissions reduction targets for fiscal 2020, a target year for which scenarios could be formulated, as well as pivotal issues in our efforts to achieve them.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Targets for Fiscal 2020

  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions over the entire product life cycle by 30% (vs. fiscal 2005 levels) by fiscal 2020
  • Reducing customer carbon dioxide emissions by seven million tons per year by fiscal 2020

Company-wide Environmental Business Plan

Under its Company-wide Environmental Business Plan, Fuji Xerox is moving forward with a focus on preventing global warming, preserving natural resources, and reducing the environmental risk of chemicals. Starting from fiscal 2013, under the slogan of "Challenge Eco No. 1," we have been continuing company-wide activities to simultaneously realize the growth of our business while also making contributions toward our customers and society. We are striving to have everyone in the company share the common goal of aiming to be the leading company in making environmental contributions through our business activities themselves, such as by increasing the efficiency of our business activities and by offering solutions to our customers. We are promoting activities to achieve these goals in accordance with the commitments issued by the executive officers in each function of our business.