Purchasing Ethics

Procurement Policies

Fuji Xerox has conducted procurement activities according to its Purchasing Transaction Guidelines since they were first established in 1990. We subsequently revised our Purchasing Transaction Guidelines and Basic Procurement Policy for Fuji Xerox and its Affiliates in 2011 to further increase the fairness and transparency of our purchasing activities in line with increased societal expectations. In the same year, we also established the Purchasing Transaction Basic Rules, which reflect the CSR procurement perspective, to improve the societal aspects of our purchasing activities ranging from the environment and human rights to labor practices and corporate ethics, and announced our purchasing policy in and outside the organization.
In fiscal 2012, we also established the Transaction Standards for Paper Suppliers, which reflect perspectives of the environment, rights of people in the community, and corporate ethics. We also undertook a written survey of suppliers to assess their compliance with these standards. Particularly for our primary overseas suppliers, our activities included site audits and assessments of the status of their environmental efforts, including the traceability of raw materials used to make paper.
In fiscal 2013, in full recognition of the grave issue of conflict mineralsNote 1, the mining of which is a leading cause of conflict and human rights abuses in certain areas, we added to the Basic Procurement Policy for Fuji Xerox and its affiliates the policy of requesting parts suppliers to identify the origins of minerals contained in parts supplied to us and to take corrective action when needed.

  • Note 1 Minerals considered problematic due to human rights violations at the mining sites or unethical actions supported by funds earned from mining.

System for Ensuring Fair Procurement Practices

In fiscal 2008 Fuji Xerox established an "All Fuji Xerox Compliance Help Line" as a consultation service for quickly comprehending and resolving the compliance problems that occur in the workplace and in operations. This help line is open to any employee engaged in the operations of Fuji Xerox or its affiliates. We accept whistle-blowing reports and queries regarding legal violations or violations of our code of conduct in purchasing.

Future Direction

In fiscal 2014, we have promoted awareness of Basic Procurement Policy for Fuji Xerox and its Affiliates among all our stakeholders, including suppliers.
In fiscal 2015, we will establish a system to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of our CSR procurement through collaboration among the procurement, production, and corporate departments. We will also cooperate and work with suppliers to support our ethical procurement.