Technologies for Our Growth

A Technology Platform for Meeting the Challenges of Business and Society

At the core of Fuji Xerox's corporate philosophy is the goal of enhancing social understanding through better communication. In the field of document services and communications, we carry out ongoing research and development geared to meeting the business challenges of our customers and solving the problems of society. With xerography as a platform, we are taking both digital-imaging technologies and information and communication technologies to ever new heights to offer an endless stream of innovative new products and solutions.

Features and Strengths of Our Technology Platform

At Fuji Xerox, we use the term document to refer not just to print media but to all visual and audio records of human thought, including electronic data. By facilitating the linkage of knowledge and wisdom through the effective transmission, sharing, and linking of such "documents," we help customers solve their challenges, boost their competitiveness, and create new value in every sphere of business activity.

  • Products based on xerography and integrating a wide range of original technologies to provide superior performance and high document quality-including color reproduction on a par with offset printing, high productivity, topcaliber reliability, and improved energy efficiency-to improve our customers' efficiency and competitiveness
  • Solutions and services that help customers create value via effective communication by facilitating each phase of processing (capture, sharing, analysis, delivery) for all types of text, image, video, and audio documents

Co-Creating New Value at Our Interactive R&D Center

One way Fuji Xerox delivers new value to our customers is through the Customer Co-creation Laboratory established at our main research and development center, R&D Square, in Yokohama's Minato Mirai district. The Customer Co-creation Laboratory allows us to engage in high-level collaboration with our customers and business partners and identify the challenges they face in their day-to-day operations.
Here we introduce actual cases in which Fuji Xerox has solved its own or customers' business challenges by applying technologies. We also talk with customers and business partners as well as academics and researchers and identify latent needs and future issues. By incorporating collaboration with our customers into our R&D program, we are rising to the challenge of creating new value to meet those needs and issues.

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