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Our Solutions and Services Propel Social Change as They Help Our Customers Create Value Tadahito Yamamoto Chairman of the Board and Representative Director Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Hiroshi Kurihara President and Representative Director Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

1. Fuji Xerox's Vision for Society amid Increasingly Complex Social Challenges

As economic globalization continues apace along with advances in information technology, society faces challenges that are becoming more and more difficult to resolve as they grow ever greater in both scale and complexity. Issues that demand immediate action range from the increasingly serious deterioration of the global environment to Japan's rapidly falling birthrate, aging population, and declining regional vitality, the widening digital divide, and the growing risk of natural disasters.
If we are to rise to these challenges and realize a sustainable society, players including industry, government, academia, NGOs, and local communities must come together to create new value on a scale that has remained difficult until now, while communicating across the barriers posed by differences in organization, nationality, language, and culture and pooling the knowledge, information, and expertise that are dispersed among all these entities.
At Fuji Xerox, our mission is to solve the management problems of each of our customers by "building an environment for the creation and effective utilization of knowledge," thereby supporting the creation of new value for society. This calling of ours means that, in working closely with our customers and their stakeholders, we are also helping to address the wider social issues that come to light. Thus, together with contributing to the advancement of society by fostering firm mutual trust, we aim to create a society in which national and regional cultures thrive in all their diversity and people enjoy lives of personal fulfillment, realizing their hopes and dreams through individual development and growth.

2. The Fundamentals for Delivering Value in Fuji Xerox's Own Way

In order to play an effective role in customers' value creation, Fuji Xerox is moving rapidly to redesign its business structure, shifting the focus from sales of devices and consumables to promoting solutions and services that can generate a fundamental transformation in the business processes of customers. By providing solutions and services to match the specific needs of clients around the globe in tune with the local conditions of industrial and economic growth, we support development and help bring vitality to communities worldwide.
The value we deliver lies in new modes of communication that blend the best of digital and analog by combining information and communication technologies (ICT) with the document management technologies we have perfected over the years in areas such as natural language processing and image recognition. Over 80 percent of information used for corporate business communications, such as text, graphics, audio, and video, is said to come in the form of unstructured data which is difficult to search and utilize. Drawing on Fuji Xerox's longstanding capabilities in handling a wide array of unstructured data, we provide solutions that convert important information that is not in data form, such as handwritten content and intuitive "tricks of the trade," into structured data so that the vast amounts of tacit knowledge that support frontline activities in any business can be made into explicit knowledge. Our solutions make complex information easier to analyze and utilize, and they make the know-how that gives a company its competitive advantage easier to pass on. In these ways, Fuji Xerox helps realize processes that assist its customers in creating value on an ongoing basis.
For example, we have built a standardized system that allows our own customers' feedback, collected in various forms, to be shared and used companywide as structured data with a view to improving our business processes and developing new products and services. The solutions we find to such internal challenges can in turn help our customers innovate, as we are able to offer fresh solutions backed by "unity of words and deeds" (Genko-Itchi in Japanese).
Although the ever-growing role of information technology in society will continue to make life more convenient, we do not see digital as the answer to every need. There will always be a place for the uniquely analog convenience of paper media and the personal warmth of a pen-and-ink letter. Thanks to our expertise with document technologies, we at Fuji Xerox will continue to deliver people-oriented communications by designing solutions that incorporate the best of both the analog and digital worlds.

3. Fuji Xerox's Solutions and Services Reach beyond the Office

The solutions and services we offer our customers help them create and utilize knowledge in two ways: by strengthening their core business, and by enhancing their efficiency in noncore business areas.
To strengthen our customers' core business, we provide solut ions and servi ces that lead to bet ter mar ket ing communication between our customers and their customers and to effective information-sharing and utilization between our customers and their stakeholders, thus underpinning their valuecreating work. To enhance our customers' efficiency, we offer one-stop outsourcing and optimized productivity for all their noncore business, including document output environments, thereby freeing our customers to concentrate resources on their core concerns.
At the same time, Fuji Xerox's solutions and services are extending their reach beyond the office. For example, we facilitate versatile, flexible working styles not bound by location, including those while out of the office or visiting customers; we provide a home-care support system which gives doctors access to patients' medical records during house calls; we enhance learning effectiveness with new ICT-based learning systems; and we have developed a tour guide service that enables tourists to listen to information on mobile devices as and when they need it, just as if they had a personal escort. Thus, in the settings where people work, live, learn, and enjoy their leisure, our creative innovations enrich people's lives as well as add convenience, and thus help achieve a better society.

Our solutions and services create innovations that, as well as adding convenience, enrich people's lives beyond the office and thus help achieve a better society.

4. Accelerating the Integration of CSR with Our Business

Fuji Xerox sees CSR as synonymous with corporate management and strives to solve issues for our customers and share value with our various stakeholders by demonstrating "unity of words and deeds" (Genko-Itchi) in our business processes not just within our company or within our related companies but over the entire value chain.
If we are to earn our customers' trust as their "go-to" solution and service provider in every situation, we must aim to be an Excellent Company by fully integrating our CSR philosophy into the management base underlying our operations.
To achieve that objective, we have redefined opportunity and risk in relation to our business and identified high-priority themes, which are directly relevant to management, through dialogue with stakeholders and discussions of management in the CSR Committee. By clearly relating each business unit's mission and goals to our high-priority management themes, we ensure that all employees see CSR as integral to our core business, and we empower individual employees to understand how their jobs relate to our customers and other stakeholders and thus to be innovative in the way they do those jobs.
Accordingly, we will develop a culture in which our belief that CSR is synonymous with corporate management is far more than a slogan as the work of each employee becomes truly synonymous with CSR. We are committed to ensuring that CSR permeates our business processes companywide and to accelerating its further integration with our business.

5. Growing Our Business by Helping to Solve Social Issues

We will monitor the changing issues facing society as we continue to further transform Fuji Xerox's business structure and corporate culture.
By building strong partnerships of trust with our customers while considering their issues and needs as well as those of the society, we can help our customers create value that addresses their and the society's needs. Through these actions we can help bring about the society of the future that we envision as well as accelerate Fuji Xerox's own growth. Under the new business structure, in fiscal 2016 we aim to grow total revenue to 1.24 trillion yen and to strengthen profitability to reach a 10 percent operating profit ratio.
Turning to the corporate culture that supports these endeavors, we will transform Fuji Xerox into a company ready for the challenges of growth and change by creating an environment where diversity can thrive and by developing human resources capable of identifying and solving the issues confronting our customers and society.
In pursuing these initiatives, we pledge that Fuji Xerox will continue to build a communications environment that holds value for society, and that we will remain a committed proponent of social transformation over the medium to long term.

By relating each business unit's mission and goals to our high-priority management themes, individual employees understand how their jobs relate to our customers and other stakeholders and thus become innovative in the way they do their jobs.

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