Evolution of Fuji Xerox Value Creation

Anticipating Social Change, Promoting New Value Standards

Over the years, Fuji Xerox has consistently delivered new value to society while fueling business growth by keeping a step ahead of trends and promoting new value standards for a changing world.

Promoting New Value Standards

1962~ From Products to Benefits

After its founding in 1962, Fuji Xerox facilitated the spread of plain-paper copying in Japan by selling services instead of machines, thus helping revolutionize the way businesses and society use information and communicate.

1970 "From Hustle to Beautiful"

At the height of the rapid-growth era, Fuji Xerox made waves in Japanese society by reexamining what it means to live a beautiful life and calling for a return to human values after the prevailing workaholic climate of the 1960s.

1980 Pursuit of Corporate Quality Earns Deming Prize

We established the core goal of "corporate quality" as part of our commitment to deliver quality to our customers and society as a whole. Thanks to our quality-management initiatives, Fuji Xerox was awarded the Deming Prize in 1980.

1988 Promoting and Adopting New Work Way

With our introduction of New Work Way, we anticipated the advent of a new relationship between individuals and organizations in a new era in which companies value the ideas of individuals and employees are free to take on new and rewarding challenges instead of submerging their identities in the organization.

1995~ Building an International Recycling System

Fuji Xerox led the way in corporate recycling by developing an integrated recycling system to promote the reuse of resources with the goal of eliminating waste. In 2000, we achieved zero landfill within Japan, and in 2004 we embarked on international deployment with the launch of operations at our recycling center in Thailand.

2007~ Ethical Procurement

Responding to a social climate that increasingly holds corporations responsible for their entire supply chain, Fuji Xerox is pursuing ethical procurement globally with the aim of building mutually beneficial relations with our suppliers in a spirit of "Learning and growing stronger together."

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