CSR Initiatives by Our Affiliates around the World

Fuji Xerox Is the Stage Where We Interact with Society

Fuji Xerox does business in Japan, China and the Asia-Pacific region, and the officers and employees of our affiliates in various countries and regions around the world who share the basic values of Fuji Xerox are implementing CSR initiatives in line with the needs of local communities.

Fuji Xerox Learning Institute

Supporting the Future of Children through Career Education

Fuji Xerox Learning Institute (FXLI) helps companies develop human resources and enhance their organizational strength through educational training and consulting services. As a community engagement unique to an educational services company, FXLI has been supporting career education at schools since 2006. The company has named this activity "Mira (future)-kuru (coming)," hoping to help school teachers and children have brighter future full of dreams.

In this activity, FXLI provided teachers with opportunities to join the employees of Fuji Xerox at the seminars on marketing, leadership and problem solving, making them aware of differences in approaches to problems between company employees and teachers, thereby gaining tips on providing their own students with career education. FXLI also organized office tours and interviews with Fuji Xerox employees for elementary, junior and senior high school students, their parents, and teachers to have handson experience of workplaces and occupations. A total of 555 people participated in the events. FXLI will continue to conduct educational activities for future generations in its pursuit of the unlimited possibilities of people and organizations.

Fuji Xerox of Shenzhen

Tackling Major Social Issues by Starting with Small Donations

In China, the issue of children who are living in poor rural villages apart from their parents working in industrial areas is becoming a serious social issue. At the initiative of its CSR promotion department, Fuji Xerox of Shenzhen started an activity to support physically and mentally sound growth of the children in January 2015, and to this end, about 2,500 employees (40 percent of the total) have registered to donate a fractional amount of their monthly paychecks.

The company conducted a questionnaire survey targeting employees having children living apart from them in their hometowns in order to identify their problems and what support they needed from the company. In reference to replies from 444 employees, the steering committee discussed and decided on specific measures to support employees with concerns about their children, including providing counseling services, holding workshops on parents-children relations and establishing a dedicated hotline. Fuji Xerox of Shenzhen will continue to enhance support activities and expand their scale in order to contribute to the solution of this social issue.


Celebrating its 25th Anniversary Thanks to Voluntary Support from Employees

HASU Club was founded in 1992 as a volunteer organization managed autonomously by Fuji Xerox employees. Its membership fees are collected in the following way: fractional amounts of less than 100 yen are deducted from their monthly salaries and periodic bonuses of the employees who are members of the Club. In addition to this, the members can make personal contribution in increments of 100 yen within a range of 100 to 9,900 yen on a voluntary basis. The collected money is donated to various organizations engaged in social welfare, culture and education, environmental protection, international aid, and recovery from disasters. Fuji Xerox donates the same amount of money ("matching gifts") on top of each donation. Volunteer activities organized and managed by the Club members are also funded by the membership fees.

In February 2016, some Club members revisited Pumplion Primary School, the construction of which was funded by the Club in Cambodia in 2004, and repainted the aged external walls in collaboration with the NPO "Japan Team of Young Human Power (JHP)."

The Club has been continuously supporting the areas afflicted by the Great East Japan Earthquake. After the earthquake that stroke Kumamoto Prefecture in 2016, a total of 50 employees and their families visited the afflicted areas in June and July to provide onsite support to the victims.

Fuji Xerox Vietnam

Lifting Learning Dreams

"B" Nhon Hoi Primary School is located in Nhon Hoi commune, An Phu district, An Giang province, a remote area in South Vietnam that is affected by flooding throughout the year. The children are undernourished and have to travel long distances to school but they do not give up on studying. Nevertheless, some of them must leave school to help their families and this leads to an alarming school dropout rate in this area. In collaboration with Loreto Kids Charity, an Australian NGO, Fuji Xerox Vietnam has helped to renovate a deteriorating school and totally transformed it within 3 months of work.

Cao Thi Yen Nhi, a student of class 2D told us: "I love the new school, it looks so nice with new fans and new lights. I love going to school and hope that I can become a teacher to help children become good people and do good things!"

Moving forward, Fuji Xerox Vietnam will continue on the journey where we will lift learner's dreams and help them fly into the future.

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