Editorial Policy and The Process Leading to Value Creation

Editorial Policy

Features of fiscal 2016 report

To ensure that the report presents the "big picture" of Fuji Xerox as a whole, we paid attention to these points.

  1. The contents of this report are organized along the lines of Fuji Xerox's management processes, which aim to create value through the integration of business operations and CSR (see diagram below). The social issues on which Fuji Xerox focuses based on its mission are classified into four categories, and an effort is made to present a coherent and easy-to-understand report on the processes by which we aim to provide value through business activities.
  2. The report presents the initiatives we are undertaking in our business operations to promote achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals contained in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015.
  3. Additional focus has been placed on explanations of the value we provide in our business operations through our products and services, growth strategies for the future of our business, and the underlying technologies that support them.
  4. To give readers a more concrete understanding of our global business activities, actual examples of overseas initiatives are provided wherever possible.

The Process Leading to Value Creation

The diagram below shows our interconnected management process. It outlines how Fuji Xerox understands the array of social issues facing our customers and how we go about solving these issues through our management policies and business strategies, as embodied in the products and services we offer. It also shows the business processes that support them, together with the specific kinds of value we create. The contents of this Sustainability Report have been structured along the same lines as this management process.

Features of Sustainability Report 2016

Reporting Period

Sustainability Report 2016 focuses on the CSR efforts of Fuji Xerox during fiscal 2015 (April 2015 to March 2016) and also covers some policies and activities for fiscal 2016.

Organizations Covered

Sustainability Report 2016 covers Fuji Xerox and its domestic and overseas affiliates. When we report on matters restricted to specific regions or corporations, we specify that in the report.

Guidelines Consulted

Our sustainability reports (this report and the disclosures on our website) are prepared in accordance with the Core of the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative.
We also consulted the 2012 edition of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment's Environmental Reporting Guidelines.

Report to the Global Compact

In our capacity as a corporate signatory to the Global Compact, we have submitted this report to the United Nations as our Global Compact Communication on Progress in the four areas and ten principles of the Compact.

Next Release of Our Sustainability Report

September 2017

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