Our Business Operations and Growth Strategy

Achieving Growth by Solving Social Issues

Fuji Xerox contributes to the solution of customer management challenges in the field of document services and communication, and globally delivers solutions and services supporting value creation for overcoming social issues. Through these activities, Fuji Xerox contributes to the sustained growth of customer businesses and of society, and aims in this way to achieve further growth of its own business.

Ratio of Sales from Solutions & Services to Total Domestic Sales was 34% in fiscal 2015. The ratio increased by 12 percent points from fiscal 2009.
Ratio of Foreign Sales to Total Domestic Sales was 50% in fiscal 2015. The ratio increased by 13 percent points from fiscal 2009.
  • Note 1 Total sales from Global Services, Production Services, and Office Solutions, including solutions & services and excluding products

China/Asia-Pacific Markets (All business domains)

In the China/Asia-Pacific markets, Fuji Xerox will contribute to the solution of customer management challenges through the expansion of all its business domains. The strengths of direct sales networks will be harnessed to promote solutions and services, and local dealerships and e-commerce will be utilized to sell low-price products.

In the Chinese market, Fuji Xerox will continue to bolster the supply of products based on the concept of "Built by Market" where speedy and accurate responses to diverse market needs are achieved by running an integrated series of development cycles beginning with product planning. In emerging countries where market growth is anticipated, we will expand our lineup of products and services capable of responding flexibly to regional features and diverse customer needs. In this way, Fuji Xerox will globally support its customers' communication activities and value creation.

Office Solutions (Office Products Business, Office Printers Business)

The business environment of Fuji Xerox's customers is being rapidly transformed by such requirements as reacting to the globalization and diversification of society, application of revolutionary changes in ICT, ensuring business continuity through disaster preparedness, mitigating environmental impact, and responding to growing security threats. As a result of these changes, the management challenges facing customers are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to cope with. Fuji Xerox is committed to supporting customers in the solution of their management challenges and achievement of business growth. It is with this objective in mind that we visualize customer challenges in the documents and communication field and design products and services to match the regional requirements of advanced as well as emerging countries. These efforts enable Fuji Xerox to deliver solutions globally from the perspective of total optimization.

Fuji Xerox will continue to build advanced communication environments and support the business transformation of its customers by strengthening its solutions and services through the development of high-value-added solutions geared to specific industries and operations, and solutions leveraging cloud and mobile environments.

Key Products and Services

Global Services (Global Services Business)

While remarkable progress continues in the application of IT and digitization to core business operations, many customers face the challenge of improving the efficiency of overall business processes by visualizing the flow of documents and cumbersome operations that require human intervention. To contribute to the solution of these challenges, Fuji Xerox meets that need with document outsourcing, a spectrum of services ranging from integrated management of output and printing to the outsourcing of business processes for mission-ritical systems.

Next Generation Managed Print Services goes beyond integrated management of the output infrastructure to support business process improvement and problem solving using such new tools as mobile and cloud computing technologies. We also support higher efficiency in business processes through document digitization, and offer outsourcing services for marketing, sales promotion, and other processes. In addition to helping customers improve their internal and external communications, we will be responding to society's growing demands for more stringent governance and compliance.

Key Products and Services

Production Services (Production Services Business)

Maintaining and strengthening good relationships with stakeholders (customers, shareholders, employees, the community, etc.) through better communication is more important than ever for sustained business growth. For this purpose, it is essential to gain an accurate understanding of diverse needs and to put arrangements in place for delivering contents tailored to the needs of each group of stakeholders in a timely and appropriate setting regardless of whether the information is paper-based, digital, or in some other medium. By integrating the latest digital technology with the proprietary on-demand printing systems, Fuji Xerox's systems and services reform communications and are not only answering customers' management needs but also helping society meet such challenges as globalization and regional revitalization.

We will continue to expand and enhance our lineup in color production printers - the industry where the company maintains strong leading role. To further augment the value of customers' digital printing services and support their marketing and communication activities, we will also offer them advanced peripheral devices, software, and services oriented to a variety of applications.

Key Products and Services

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