Relationship with Local Communities

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Our Thoughts on Community Engagement

Fuji Xerox believes that conducting community engagement activities means to fulfill our responsibility to society, improve the initiative and self-realization ability of each one of our employees, and will invigorate the entire organization. We set four basic policies based on our Philosophy on Community Engagement Activities and are actively conducting community engagement activities.

In fiscal 2012, based on the management discussion at the CSR Committee, Fuji Xerox decided to strengthen its activities in order to make a visible and characteristic contribution to society as a communications business company. Accordingly, based on our Mission Statement, in which we are committed to "Contribute to the advancement of the global community by continuously fostering mutual trust and enriching diverse cultures", we have identified as our key community engagement themes: "Education for future generations" and "Conservation of diminishing cultures and information."

Philosophy on Community Engagement Activities

In addition to providing excellent value to customers, Fuji Xerox and its affiliates work alongside our employees to play a leading role in cultural development and efforts to build a better society from a long-term and broad perspective, based on lofty ideals, to meet broad ranging societal expectations.

Scope of Community Engagement Activities

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We will promote projects to provide learning materials in emerging countries and to replicate historical documents, which we have selected as our companywide programs to make a visible contribution in line with the key community engagement activity themes. In addition to traditional philanthropy programs, we will also promote other activities related to the key themes and work to solve local issues which require continuous engagement. Eventually, we would like to help solve social issues by a synergistic combination of our community engagement activities and business operations.

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Framework of Community Engagement Activities at Fuji Xerox

Our mid- to long-term objectives of community engagement activities are designed to: promote visible and characteristic social contribution activities; help solve local issues; and energize employees through participation in community engagement activities.

In 2015, we expanded our project of providing learning materials in developing countries for the education of future generations to Thailand and Myanmar. Our project of replicating historical documents in order to preserve cultural legacy, managed from two centers in Kyoto and Yokohama, is being expanded to the whole country. Apart from that, Fuji Xerox and its affiliated companies keep promoting community engagement activities tailored to the needs of each particular location both in Japan and overseas.

Major Programs under Key Community Engagement Activity Themes

  1. Education for Future Generations
    • Provide Learning Materials to Children of Asia-Pacific Emerging Countries
    • Offering Large-print Textbooks to Students with Low Vision
  2. Conservation of Diminishing Cultures and information
    • Reproducing Historical Documents

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Other Programs under Key Themes

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Helping Solve Local Issues(Examples of the fiscal 2015 Community Engagement Activities)

Ongoing Support for Reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake

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Conserving the Global Environment

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Other Community Engagement Programs

  • Special Olympics
  • Other Programs (Fuji Xerox Print Collection,The Aspen Institute Japan,Junior Achievement)

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System for Supporting Employee Participation in Society

We develop the system and organizational environment as follows in order to encourage our employees to participate in community engagement activities as part of their capacity building.

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Expenditures on Community Engagement Activities at Fuji Xerox

Progress of our CSR in Relationship with Local Communities

Field Indexes Companies 2013 Performance 2014 Performance 2015 Performance
Expenditure on Community Engagement Activities Expenditure on community engagement Fuji Xerox (unconsolidated) 372.00 million yen 320.00 million yen 372.00 million yen
Affiliates and sales companies in Japan 96.00 million yen 72.00 million yen 72.00 million yen
Overseas affiliates and sales companies 193.00 million yen 176.00 million yen 174.00 million yen
Major Community Engagement Programs in Numbers Number of copies of large-print textbooksNote 1 Fuji Xerox and its domestic affiliates 220,000 280,000 270,000
Grants from the Fuji Xerox Kobayashi Fund Research Grant Program of Foreign Doctoral Candidates in JapanNote 2 Number of recipients Fuji Xerox (unconsolidated) 32 33 32
Number of subsidies 32 33 32
Amount in subsidies 22.42 million yen 20.14 million yen 22.75 million yen
Kobayashi Fellowship ProgramNote 3 Number of recipients Fuji Xerox (unconsolidated) 8 8 8
Number of subsidies 8 8 8
Amount in subsidies 5.64 million yen 5.17 million yen 6.86 million yen
Number of companies supporting Special Olympics Fuji Xerox and its affiliates 19 25 21
Mechanisms for Support for Volunteer Activities Ratio of companies supporting volunteer activitiesNote 4 Fuji Xerox (unconsolidated) 100% 100% 100%
Affiliates and sales companies in Japan 100% 100% 100%
Overseas affiliates and sales companies 78% 87% 87%
Employee participation in volunteer programsNote 5 Fuji Xerox (unconsolidated) 808 903 656
Affiliates in Japan 2,162 4,756 4,023
Overseas affiliates 7,863 11,018 10,429
Number of members of the HASU ClubNote 6 Fuji Xerox (unconsolidated),
Fuji Xerox Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.,
Fuji Xerox Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,
and Fuji Xerox Service Creative Co., Ltd.
3,837 3,807 3,721
Number of users of the volunteer day-off system Number of users Fuji Xerox (unconsolidated) 15 (Male:11, Female:4) 18 (Male:12, Female:6) 20 (Male:38, Female:12)
Total number of volunteer days 54 days 47 days 62 days
Number of users of social services Fuji Xerox (unconsolidated) 0 3 1
  • Note 1 Support for large-font textbooks: A program under which Fuji Xerox and affiliates provide an environment enabling large-font textbook production by offering free use of color multifunction devices to volunteers and parents who produce such textbooks by hand for children and students with visual impairments.
  • Note 2 Grants to support research by young scholars from the Asia-Pacific region who are enrolled in doctoral programs in the humanities or social sciences at Japanese graduate schools (the numbers include those who returned the grant after receiving it).
  • Note 3 Fellowships to support young Japanese researchers who are enrolled in doctoral programs in the humanities or social sciences and are pursuing research concerning other parts of the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Note 4 Percentage of companies among Fuji Xerox and our affiliates that have instituted systems to encourage and support employee volunteerism, including HASU Club(Note 6) and volunteer leave.
  • Note 5 Number of employees engaging in volunteer activities represents the total number of employees of Fuji Xerox and its affiliates who participated in or cooperated in volunteer activities organized by the company.
  • Note 6 HASU Club is a volunteer organization run by Fuji Xerox employees. The club raises funds from members, who voluntarily contribute the fractional remainders from their monthly salaries and scheduled bonuses via automatic withdrawal, and use the contributions to support their own social contribution activities or those of NPOs/NGOs.

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