Providing Safe, High-quality Products

Features of Fuji Xerox Activities

Fuji Xerox is doing its best to provide safe and high-quality products. Specifically, we have established the Basic Policies on Quality Assurance and the Fuji Xerox Product Safety Key Principles to ensure that all products we bring to market are safe to use. Throughout the lifecycles of our products we conduct quality assurance activities in line with the international standards and by adopting advanced technologies, aiming to make further improvements to eliminate product safety-related problems. If a product safety incident does occur, we respond swiftly and work to prevent any recurrence of the incident, thereby maintaining and strengthening the trust Fuji Xerox has earned.

We regularly hold the Quality and Safety Forum to deliver products that our customers can use safely and with peace of mind as part of our effort to ensure product safety in Japan and in the rapidly growing Asia-Pacific region. Quality and safety managers from our production facilities and sales companies in Japan and overseas come together at the Forum to exchange opinions on ways to provide safe, reliable products.

Moreover as a company contributing to the product safety program implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, we are participating in a range of initiatives, including the exchange of opinions with related companies with the goal to promote the culture of product safety in Japan and to raise customers' awareness of safety issues.

Fiscal 2015 Performance

As a result of promoting the aforementioned improvement activities, we had no serious product accidents as defined in the Consumer Product Safety Act of Japan for our own developed products in the fiscal year. Further we participated in the product safety enhancement activities conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, thereby proactively providing customers with more information about the safe use of our products.

Fiscal 2016 Initiatives

We will continuously conduct activities to prevent and eventually eliminate product safety problems. To this end we will establish more safety and evaluation technologies. We will also continue to raise the safety awareness of employees, including those of our domestic and overseas affiliates, for the enhancement of corporate governance for product safety.