Ebina Center

Ebina Center is Fuji Xerox's keystone site for production technologies and for developing copy machines / multifunction devices and related products. The center develops metal mold technology on an in-house basis, with the aim of reducing costs and lead-time for product development.

  • Note As of April 2010, includes Fuji Xerox Manufacturing Headquarters and Fuji Xerox Advanced Technology's Ebina Center.
Address 2274, Hongou, Ebina-shi, Kanagawa 243-0494, Japan
Telephone Number +81-46-238-3111
Number of Employees 1,839 (as of March 31, 2015)
ISO14001 Certification June 1997
Main Products Color copy machines, multifunction devices and related products
Environment-related data for fiscal 2015 CO2 emissionNote 1(t) Discharged substancesNote 2(t) Chemical usageNote 3(t) Water usage(1000m3)
20,257 1,136 2 188
  • Note 1 From 2015, the CO2 emissions are calculated based on the annual average values for all power sources announced by the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan
  • Note 2 Total industrial and valuable waste
  • Note 3 PRTR-regulated substances