Suzuka Fuji Xerox Manufacturing

Handles processes including the manufacture and trial manufacture of office copiers and printers together with device components, consumables, and related products.
Manufactures core components including electronic and optical parts for copiers and multifunction devices. Also, the Center incorporates a resource recycling production system, where new products are assembled utilizing reused components.

Address 1900 Ifuna-cho, Suzuka-shi, Mie 519-0323, Japan
Telephone Number +81-593-71-8888
Website (Japanese only)
Number of Employees 1,490 (as of March 31, 2016)
ISO14001 Certification May 1997
Main Products Core components, printed wiring boards, electronic components and optical components for copy machines
Environment-related data for fiscal 2015 CO2 emissionNote 1(t) Discharged substancesNote 2(t) Chemical usageNote 3(t) Water usage(1000m3)
20,271 2,144 463 105
  • Note 1 From 2015, the CO2 emissions are calculated based on the annual average values for all power sources announced by the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan
  • Note 2 Total industrial and valuable waste
  • Note 3 PRTR-regulated substances