Relationship with Shareholders and Investors

Our Policy on Shareholders

Fuji Xerox is striving to improve its business performance by focusing on efforts to promote sound and transparent management. In fiscal 1999 we introduced committee and corporate officer systems and established internal control functions by business unit in fiscal 2007.

Image of Relationship with FUJIFILM HoldingsCapital Relationship with FUJIFILM Holdings

Major Business Performance

Revenue (consolidated) and Net income before income taxes (consolidated) for fiscal 2015 were 1183.4 billion yen and 85.2 billion yen respectively

Revenue (consolidated)

Chart of Revenue (consolidated)

Net income before income taxes (consolidated)

Chart of Net income before taxes (consolidated)

Consolidated Revenue by Business Segment (FY2015)

Chart of Consolidated Revenue by Business Segment (FY2015)

Consolidated Employee Number by Region (FY2015)

Chart of Employee number by Region (FY2015)

Progress in CSR in Relation with Shareholders and Investors

Field Indexes Companies 2013 Performance 2014 Performance 2015 Performance
Major Business Performance Revenue Fuji Xerox and affiliates (billion JPY) 1,142.9 1,188.9 1,183.4
Ordinary profits Fuji Xerox and its affiliates (billion JPY) 89.0 91.9 85.2
Revenue by business segment Office Products Fuji Xerox and affiliates About 45.1% About 43.8% About 42.8%
Office Printers About 16.1% About 16.1% About 16.2%
Production Services 13.6% 13.2% 13.4%
Global Services About 13.5% About 15.7% About 16.6%
Other     About 11.0%
Revenue by region Domestic Fuji Xerox and affiliates 53% 51% 50%
Overseas 47% 49% 50%
Ethics and Compliance Number of serious corporate governance and/or compliance issues Fuji Xerox and affiliates 0 0 0

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