Technologies Supporting Growth of Fuji Xerox

At the core of Fuji Xerox's corporate philosophy is the goal of enhancing social understanding through better communications. In the field of document services and communications, we carry out ongoing research and development geared to meeting the business challenges of its customers and solving the problems of society.

Fuji Xerox will continue to utilize technologies and know-how fostered over many years to build an environment where needed information can be shared and utilized in the desired format anytime anywhere. That is to say, by "building an environment for the creation and effective utilization of knowledge," Fuji Xerox will facilitate value-added communication and support value creation by customers.

Future Directions of Fuji Xerox Technology

Document Domain

Fuji Xerox uses the term "document" to refer not just to print media but to all visual and audio records of human thought, including electronic data. We aim to contribute to reinforcing and improving our customers' business efficiency by adding to the value of such "documents" and promoting their more effective use by facilitating the linkage of knowledge and wisdom.

Communication Domain

Fuji Xerox aims to create value via effective communication by facilitating each phase of processing (capture, sharing, analysis, delivery) for all types of text, image, video, and audio documents. The company's goal is to create an environment conducive to creative thought and innovative work styles.

Value Creation Domain

Fuji Xerox is committed to helping customers and local communities overcome their challenges and problems by providing mechanisms and systems that support partnership among various people and organizations in ways that are free of the constraints of location or time. By doing so we aim to contribute to providing new value, creating new businesses, and promoting regional revitalization.

Environmental Domain

Fuji Xerox is deeply cognizant of global environmentalproblems and the importance of curbing global warming, conserving natural resources, and countering the destruction of ecosystems, and is committed to a two-fold response to these challenges. The first is to actively engage in recycling resources and developing energy-efficient equipment and services. The second is to improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of our own operations by realizing smart offices and smart work styles, and to provide similar solutions to customers.

Sustainability Report 2016 Questionnaire