Top Commitment

Our Solutions and Services Propel Social Change as They Help Our Customers Create Value

By Practicing CSR Management, We Will Contribute to Creating a Society Where All Can Live in Comfort and Engage in Fulfilling Work

Changes in Global Society and Social Issues

Tadahito Yamamoto
Chairman of the Board and
Representative Director
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

In 2015, the demands and framework of the global society has seen significant changes, as evidenced by the adoption of the COP 21 Paris Agreement and the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are imposed on top of the ongoing requirements that include socially responsible investing as well as environmental, social, and governance considerations. In particular, SDGs present important guidelines that urge countries at all stages of development to work toward the realization of sustainable development by 2030. As such, SDGs strongly demand global partnership that rises above the framework of businesses to encompass all stakeholders, including industries, government, academia, citizens, NGOs, and local communities. The impact of SDGs may be as large and extensive as to require corporate management to fundamentally reconsider its understanding of business opportunities and risks.

At the same time, the attention being paid to corporate governance and compliance is further increasing, while accelerated advances and innovation in information and communication technologies (ICT), including the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence, are generating far-reaching changes in society, the economy, and the environment. As a result, we now face social issues that conventional modes of thought and action are often powerless to solve.

The Role of Fuji Xerox

The way of doing business has also changed. No longer can a company acting alone take care of all its duties and responsibilities. To move forward with business in the new age, a number of companies must collaborate on a global level. In this setting, creating an environment conducive to growth of knowledge through speedy and accurate distribution and sharing of information is becoming increasingly important.

Fuji Xerox's Mission Statement starts with a commitment to "Build an environment for the creation and effective utilization of knowledge." Since our founding in 1962, we have remained committed to the realization of "Better Communications" as our business goal, and have endeavored to create social value and enrich communication in society through the delivery of our products, solutions, and services. In the context of SDGs, Fuji Xerox's most important mission is to make a valuable contribution to the promotion of decent–that is, fulfilling and humane–work and to the realization of sustained economic growth. The importance of the role of communication will only continue to grow as social issues become increasingly complex and difficult to solve. As long as there are day-to-day business activities in society, there can be no end to the management issues that we must work to resolve. For this reason, every employee of Fuji Xerox must be mindful of their social responsibilities and must play a meaningful role with a sense of pride. I firmly believe that what society demands of us today is to put our Mission Statement into practice, incorporate it into our lives, and contribute to the development of society with a sense of fulfillment.

The Meaning of "CSR Is Synonymous with Corporate Management"

I have always advocated that "CSR is synonymous with corporate management." This is based on my belief that CSR management indispensable to sustained corporate growth is meaningful only when practiced throughout all business processes. Therefore, I regard CSR management as the challenge of creating new value that affects the future of both Fuji Xerox and society. Corporate value is determined by how successful a company is in satisfying all the stakeholders. Only when the value of a company is globally recognized and its existence is deemed essential, it can be said to have attained the rank of a sustainable enterprise capable of continued growth.

We at Fuji Xerox have proven strengths in the fields of document services and communications. With these strengths, we now aim to become an excellent company in the true sense of the word by creating high-value communications through our core business far exceeding stakeholder expectations. We will remain committed to contributing to the creation of a society where all can live in comfort and engage in fulfilling work.

Aiming to Be a Company that Delivers Continuous Innovation through Offering Communication which Brings People to Life

Ability to Select and Apply Knowledge and Information

Hiroshi Kurihara
President and
Representative Director
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Since its founding in 1962, Fuji Xerox has contributed to the democratization of information through document transmission using copy machines. The IT revolution of the 1990s dramatically increased information volume and added great diversity and complexity to the channels and forms of information distribution. More recently the advances in ICT made an ability to select and utilize valuable knowledge and information even more crucial. This major paradigm shift has made it increasingly difficult not only for Fuji Xerox but also for its customers to continue to grow their businesses using conventional methods from the past. The questions of how to respond to an increasingly complex and sophisticated information society and how to maintain business growth in this environment will test the true worth of companies.

New Opportunities for Capitalizing on Fuji Xerox's Strengths in The Age of Information Overload

In the past few years, Fuji Xerox has accelerated the transformation of its business structure, placing greater emphasis on solutions and services. I was appointed president and representative director in June 2015 after serving as executive vice president overseeing domestic sales business where I promoted this process while communicating directly with customers. As president, I was made keenly aware that this age of information overload presents Fuji Xerox with amazing opportunities for capitalizing on its strengths.

The technologies and know-how we have fostered over more than 50 years encompass the entire communication field. By providing optimal means for the conversion into suitable formats of and speedy distribution and sharing of necessary information, we have helped customers solve their management issues and improve their business processes in all areas, especially by streamlining the overall business flow, reinforcing governance, and improving customer relations. In addition to the copy technologies that we have thus far accumulated, we look forward in the years ahead to building document and communication infrastructures that meet the needs of the new age by exploiting diverse technologies, such as archiving to ensure the preservation of necessary information; sensoring to develop recommendations by detecting and predicting changes from past records; and monitoring and alerting. I am acutely aware that the concept of "Build an environment for the creation and effective utilization of knowledge" declared in our Mission Statement is exactly what society requires in this age.

Approaching Social Issues with Open Innovation in Our Core Business

Fuji Xerox is also engaged in open innovation initiatives to facilitate new value creation through communication technologies including collaboration and concept work. For instance, the Fuji Xerox R&D Square located in Yokohama's Minato Mirai district pursues the creation of new value, notably by introducing successful solutions to local community problems and related technologies to customers, government officials, universities, research institutions, NGOs, and community members, and by partnering with them in R&D activities. From the perspective of promoting regional revitalization, we are taking solutions proven successful in one region and applying them to other regions.

Another area of strength for Fuji Xerox is providing highvalue communications realized through the fusion of IT with such analog processes as human sensibilities and experience, and business activities. We will continue to contribute to the solution of problems facing our customers and local communities by offering communication-related products and services focused on people.

Accelerating the Integration of CSR and Our Business

At Fuji Xerox, we have been pursuing company-wide reform activities entitled "unity of words and deeds" (Genko-Itchi ) that serve as an engine for reinforcing business processes with a view to bolstering corporate strength, building capacity in employees, and providing value to customers. Such activities implemented throughout all areas of sales, services, manufacturing, R&D, procurement and supply chain, and corporate functions have fostered in all employees the ability to identify problems and find effective solutions. These efforts have led to many achievements. For example, in fiscal 2015 Fuji Xerox was ranked first in customer satisfaction in the J.D. Power Asia Pacific survey for the sixth consecutive year, and was also awarded the Energy Conservation Grand Prize. We also became the first company in Japan to acquire Integrated Management Systems Certification at the scale of 40 companies and 30,000 employees. We have constantly endeavored in these ways to strengthen our business foundations. During fiscal 2016, we will strive to attain top global levels by further promoting CSR activities throughout the company, actively discussing high-priority management themes identified from the perspective of sustainability, and implementing the plan-do-check-act cycle.

By building on these activities, Fuji Xerox aims to foster an everrising awareness of "CSR is synonymous with corporate management" among all its members, from top management down to the individual employee. We will ensure that this awareness permeates our corporate culture and will move forward on integrating CSR and our business.

The Challenge of Further Growing Our Business

With "Change Myself, Change Team, Change Fuji Xerox" as our corporate direction for fiscal 2016, we will strive toward achieving mid-term management goals and accelerating Fuji Xerox toward the next stage of growth, with emphasis placed on expanding customer contact points and delivering greater value. As these objectives must be accomplished through the efforts of our employees, it goes without saying that employee satisfaction is essential to successful management.

"No Try, No Success"–i.e., nothing can be accomplished without taking on challenges–is my motto. To create a corporate culture where every individual aspires to lofty goals and finds real satisfaction in growth, we will actively endeavor to create opportunities for dialogue with employees, and will continue to push forward the transformation of how we work and communicate.

My Promise to Our Stakeholders

Technology is advancing at an amazing speed and has brought us into an age where revolutionary changes in ICT have an immense impact on society. This, however, does not mean that the pursuit of efficiency and convenience is the be-all and end-all. My primary commitment is to fostering sure and steady management that enables us to have a clear vision of the social issues and to deliver those values that are truly needed by society. I will take on the challenge of leading Fuji Xerox to contribute to customers and society by creating an environment where every employee thrives and by transforming Fuji Xerox into a company characterized by ceaseless innovation. I pledge to make the greatest possible effort to safeguard Fuji Xerox's position as a company loved and needed by society, and as a committed proponent of social transformation over the medium to long term.

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