Creating and Utilizing Knowledge

Targeted Social Issues
  • Efficient use of information based on the maximum realization of ICT potential and associated improvement in social productivity
  • Increasing complexity of social issues ensued from globalization and growing diversity of values

Engagement with Customers

Our Goal

Fuji Xerox strives to provide value that meets customer expectations and to contribute to the growth of our customers, as well as to the sustainable development of society as a whole.

Our Approach

Through initiatives based on "unity of words and deeds" (Genko-Itchi ), Fuji Xerox supports customers in solving their management problems and contributes to society through value creation. We want to gain trust and deliver satisfaction to our customers, becoming an irreplaceable partner instrumental to their continuous development. We strive for continuous growth together with our clients.

Creating Values based on Customer Satisfaction

Fuji Xerox regards customer satisfaction (CS) as the starting point of all its corporate activities. Understanding what customers want and what they expect is crucial to being able to satisfy their requirements. Fuji Xerox places importance on interactive communication with customers and aims to build long-term customer relationships based on mutual trust by continuously meeting their needs and expectations.

In 2001, Fuji Xerox formulated the CS Guidelines that set out standards of conduct to be adhered by all employees in order to increase customer satisfaction. The CS Guidelines require all employees in Japan and abroad to constantly strive, with a strong sense of ownership, to solve the issues customers face and to create new value through cross-organizational and cross-functional cooperation.

Overview of CS Management System

CS Guidelines for Fuji Xerox and Its Affiliates

  1. Listening to the "Customer's Voice" is the beginning of our job.
  2. Thinking of the "Customer's Viewpoint" is the basis of our job.
  3. Meeting the "Customer's Expectation" is the responsibility of our job.
  4. Earning the "Customer's Deep Trust" is the joy of our job.
  5. Receiving the "Customer's Evaluation" is the measurement of our job.
Tomoyuki Matsuura
Corporate Vice President and
Executive General Manager of
Customer Satisfaction Quality
Assurance Group, Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox engages in various initiatives to become the "True Number One in CS". Although we receive high praise from our customers, we realize that there remains room for improvement in our ability to anticipate customer needs and promptly respond to their expectations. It is crucial that each employee fully understands true concerns of the customers, understands their position and proposes solutions in a flexible manner. Fuji Xerox continues its pursuits of greater customer value on a group-wide basis, and aims to achieve mutual growth of customers and itself by remaining their permanent partner of choice. We are going to further advance CS activities and to contribute to creating and utilizing knowledge in society together with our customers.

[High-Priority Management Themes at Fuji Xerox]
Providing solutions and services for seamless information use and communication
- Creating an environment that enables seamless use and management of information by fully integrating paper-based and digital media

Fuji Xerox improves the quality and productivity of customer communications and helps to solve management problems by consolidating paper and digital information and seamlessly integrating it with cloud services and mobile solutions.

Solutions for Mobile Work

Fuji Xerox's Mobile Work Solutions

The first step towards innovation which can be taken right now is the creation of environment that enables employees to increase "work density" and deliver additional value. To do this one needs to introduce ICT that can bring on the innovation of workplace and work style.

Fuji Xerox provides solutions that allow seamless information sharing among people regardless of time and place. For example, DocuWorks enables users to handle electronic documents as easily as paper-based ones, and to store encrypted files securely in the cloud-based storage service "Working Folder". Users can access the stored documents outside the office via mobile terminals and present the materials to their customers. Moreover, Fuji Xerox provides a one-stop solution named "beat," which provides a safe, easy and convenient network environment in which users can access information stored in their internal systems from mobile terminals outside the office via a high-security network. These are just some examples of our various mobile work solutions.

Increasing Work Efficiency of Customer Engineers and Improving Customer Relationships

Fuji Xerox started operation of a unique system that collects information from the internal database, for example, maintenance history, maintenance manuals or records kept at sales and call centers, and dispatches it automatically to the tablet terminals of Customer Engineers in accordance to customer visit schedule. This system enables Customer Engineers working across Japan to receive the information necessary for their work on their tablets wherever they are. The use of this system increases the likelihood that engineers will complete repair work in one visit, which helps improve customer satisfaction. Fuji Xerox has also digitized work reports and eliminated the necessity to enter data manually after visits to customer sites, thus enabling engineers to complete the whole process outside the company.

By reducing the time required for preparation and reporting, Fuji Xerox has provided each engineer with about 100 additional hours per year that they can use for communicating with customers or for proposing new solutions to the customers from technical viewpoints. We will keep improving the work efficiency of engineers and their communication with sales personnel through seamless utilization of information. We want to further strengthen our relationships with customers by promptly responding to their needs and challenges.

Providing an environment in which all members of society, regardless of organizational affiliation, contribute their knowledge and spur innovation

We will create new value through collaboration with all our stakeholders, including customers, business partners and local communities.

Creating Innovation under the Tripartite Research System

Fuji Xerox established a new research center in Singapore in 2015, in addition to two existing ones - in Minato Mirai 21, Yokohama and Palo Alto in the United States. Through the collaboration of these research centers we want to bring to life our key concept of creating new global value through the fusion of diverse cultures.

Using our multimedia technologiesNote 1 and remote communication technologiesNote 2, our researchers and customers in Japan, Silicon Valley and Singapore share the same virtual space, where they can experiment with new technologies and verify their worthiness.

We plan to carry out medium- to long-term R&D projects in collaboration with our customers and partners in order to enhance our solution services business and to be able to instantly respond to global customer needs.

  • Note 1 Technology that enables, for example, images and videos of the real world to be built into a virtual three dimensional world. Another example is to enable a real sensed information to be reflected onto a model.
  • Note 2 Technology that enables several locations to be connected with a remote conferencing system via web interface.

[High-Priority Management Themes at Fuji Xerox]
Providing safe, high-quality products and services

Features of Fuji Xerox Activities

Fuji Xerox is doing its best to provide safe and high-quality products. Specifically, we have established the Basic Policies on Quality Assurance and the Fuji Xerox Product Safety Key Principles to ensure that all products we bring to market are safe to use. Throughout the lifecycles of our products we conduct quality assurance activities in line with the international standards and by adopting advanced technologies, aiming to make further improvements to eliminate product safety-related problems. If a product safety incident does occur, we respond swiftly and work to prevent any recurrence of the incident, thereby maintaining and strengthening the trust Fuji Xerox has earned.

We regularly hold the Quality and Safety Forum to deliver products that our customers can use safely and with peace of mind as part of our effort to ensure product safety in Japan and in the rapidly growing Asia-Pacific region. Quality and safety managers from our production facilities and sales companies in Japan and overseas come together at "Quality and Safety Forum" to exchange opinions on ways to provide safe, reliable products.

Moreover, as a company contributing to the product safety program implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, we are participating in a range of initiatives, including the exchange of opinions with related companies, with the goal to promote the culture of product safety in Japan and to raise customers' awareness of safety issues.

Fiscal 2015 Performance

As a result of promoting the aforementioned improvement activities, we had no serious product accidents as defined in the Consumer Products Safety Act of Japan for our own developed products in the fiscal year. Further we participated in the product safety enhancement activities conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, thereby proactively providing customers with more information about the safe use of our products.

Fiscal 2016 Initiatives

We will continuously conduct activities to prevent and eventually eliminate product safety accidents. To this end we will introduce new safety and evaluation technologies.
We will also continue to raise the safety awareness of employees, including those of our domestic and overseas affiliates, and foster the governance of product safety.

Sustainability Report 2016 Questionnaire