Diversity and Inclusion

Targeted Social Issues
  • Promoting social diversity
  • Improving working environment and quality of life in emerging countries

Engagement with Employees

Our Goal

Fuji Xerox will create a corporate culture that motivates and empowers individual employees to achieve their full potential.

Our Approach

Fuji Xerox aims to create a corporate culture that motivates and empowers every one of our diverse employees, with their individual traits and different backgrounds, to make maximum use of their expertise and ability and have the satisfaction of personal and professional growth. We are engaged in various initiatives to improve employee satisfaction, increase diversity, provide personnel training and education, and promote health, while seeking to empower each of our employees to rise to the challenges of growth and change and to think and act on their own.


Improving Employee Satisfaction

In 1978, we introduced an employee satisfaction survey, first at Fuji Xerox and later at all our affiliates and sales companies in Japan, as we believe that people are the foundation of Fuji Xerox's success and our employees are important stakeholders. The results are analyzed in detail and become valuable input in developing management policies and solving issues within the organization, thus boosting our corporate strength and underpinning future growth. We also provide feedback through the individual organizational units, enabling employees to initiate front-line improvements through workplace discussions and dialogue with management about the findings. At our overseas sales companies, we have conducted the Employee Motivation and Satisfaction Survey since 2001. This has the same goals as the survey in Japan and is utilized in similar ways. Going forward, we plan to standardize the format of the domestic and overseas surveys so that their results can be evaluated using a common yardstick. The findings will inform a variety of global-level initiatives to improve employee satisfaction.

Trends in Core Morale at Fuji Xerox (unconsolidated)

Toru Yamada
Director and Senior Vice
President, Fuji Xerox

Since its founding, Fuji Xerox has been emphasizing people-centric management, in which employees thrive and develop through their work. One of our top priorities is the promotion of diversity. To this end, we have improved the work system to allow employees with different backgrounds to realize their full potential, and reformed working styles across the company. From now on, we are going to promote employee satisfaction, measuring it on a common scale across the globe, while making our company stronger by nurturing a corporate culture, in which employees are encouraged to take on the challenges of change.

Creating an environment in which people can work flexibly and access information easily regardless of age, gender, language differences or disability

[High-Priority Management Themes at Fuji Xerox]
Creating an environment where a diverse workforce can thrive within and outside the company

Features of Fuji Xerox Activities

At Fuji Xerox, we aim to be a company where every individual on our diverse team can live up to his or her full potential in the environment that is fair and just. Specifically, we create new value for our customers as a company where all can realize their full potential–regardless of gender, nationality, disability, or age–by achieving an organizational culture which draws to the full on the diversity of expertise available to us. The new value that this diversity generates makes us a more competitive company.

Moreover, we are making a concerted effort to increase work productivity by reducing total working hours and introducing flexible work styles as the basis for the promotion of workforce diversity and healthy lifestyles.

Fiscal 2015 Performance

In fiscal 2015, to further foster the utilization of diverse human resources, we implemented a range of measures. To promote women empowerment, Fuji Xerox and its affiliates have introduced a system to allow employees to work in the areas where their spouses live or where the new workplaces of their spouses are located to ensure that they can continue working after marriage or relocation of the spouse. In addition, we launched seminars devoted to the development of new generation of female leaders. Furthermore, the number of registered users of the work-at-home system has seen an annual increase of 30% among qualified employees (those who are engaged in child-rearing or family care).

Also, results of the survey on the situation of the reemployed workers conducted in order to improve strategic allocation of human resources revealed that many of the reemployed were demonstrating good performance and had a positive influence on others by leveraging their expertise and experience. The results of the survey will be used to design future measures.

Furthermore we promote participation of employees with disabilities by holding workshops on hearing impairments as part of our efforts to help them display more of their abilities. We will continue to implement various measures to foster mutual understanding among all employees.

Fiscal 2016 Initiatives

The diversity of our workforce provides us with a competitive edge. In fiscal 2016, we will continue creating a work environment where diverse human resources can leverage their differences to deliver value to customers. Further, we will provide managers with e-learning courses to improve their understanding of advantages associated with the diversity of their subordinates, while continuing to develop a corporate culture that helps each member to work comfortably through internal PR activities.

Case Study

Empowerment of Female Employees: Work at Home

Aya Nakayama
Global Service Professionals (Japan)
Fuji Xerox Global Services
Fuji Xerox

I am engaged in design work to support our customers in reducing printout-related costs and to increase the productivity of their office workers. In order to help customers better their office, it is important to visit their sites and to identify what challenges they face – this is important for improving the quality of work.

Presently I am using reduced working hours system to raise my child, who is an elementary school student, and the hours that I can spend at work are limited. When I work from home, I can use the teleconferencing and image sharing systems thus having same conditions as in the office, thereby saving time to prepare for my visits to customers. Owing to this infrastructure, I can have more efficient and meaningful meetings with my customers, which indeed increases the productivity of my work.

Empowerment of Employees with Disabilities

Takanori Kusakabe
Group Manager
Planning and Management Office
Fuji Xerox Service Creative

I am a manager in the department that supports salespeople and relevant office workers in negotiating contracts with customers. I can distinguish sounds with the aid of a hearing device, but cannot perceive sounds as words due to sensorineural hearing impairment.

Negotiating and concluding contracts with customers is a complicated process composed of multiple steps which requires expertise. We need to provide customers with easy-to-understand briefing documents and carefully communicate with them. Since Fuji Xerox is a company which focuses on solutions for all kinds of communication tasks, our corporate culture encourages employees to constantly think about ways to improve communication, and this applies to me as well. "Respect and understand each other. Think together." – this is critical to help customers solve their problems, and the same applies to communication with people with hearing disabilities. You can take the first step to solving communication-related problems by sharing ideas about how to improve mutual communication.

[High-Priority Management Themes at Fuji Xerox]
Developing human resources who can think and act on their own

Features of Fuji Xerox Activities

If we are to create consistently high value that keeps pace with the changing business and market environment, each one of Fuji Xerox's employees must rise to the challenges of growth and change and must think and act on his or her own. To support our employees in this, we implement human resource training.

The support we provide for career development includes job rotation and other ways to provide employees with various experiences, enabling individual employees to develop their competencies at their own initiative and create careers in which they can sense their own growth. We also highly-value employees who can think and act on their own and promote these people to important positions. Further, we implement management training to nurture a corporate culture that appreciates the spirit of challenge, training in problem solving, global human resources development programs, and other initiatives.

Fiscal 2015 Performance

In fiscal 2015 we launched a three-year plan for the full implementation of management improvement training and gave this training to 800 managers from Fuji Xerox and its affiliates. We started the training in 2015 as the mainstay of our culture reform. We plan to provide a total of 1,500 managers with the training by 2017. We have also been expanding the problem-solving training program to our overseas affiliates. Moreover, we are promoting the employment of foreign workers to strengthen the exposure of our employees in Japan to multiculturalism, while continuing to provide the next generation of leaders with global education. In addition, we have enhanced the training system to prepare the employees of our overseas affiliates for future leadership positions. Specifically, we worked to increase the number of those to be dispatched to Japan to receive long-term training or study at graduate school (from one in fiscal 2014 to four in fiscal 2015).

In order to accelerate the development of reform leaders and to assign the right employees to the right positions, we established a common work system for about 23,000 employees of Fuji Xerox and its affiliates in Japan, while also fostering the integration of their HR databases and systems.

Fiscal 2016 Initiatives

We will integrate HR & training systems and the HR information systems to manage our workforce more flexibly and effectively across Fuji Xerox and its affiliates in Japan and abroad. Furthermore, in order to transform our organization into one that can take on more challenges, we will highly evaluate and give commendations to employees who are more apt to do challenging work, while continuing to implement the management improvement training.

Case Study

A Customer Engineer from South Korea to Work in a New Environment without Japanese Language Ability – Aspiring for New Career Opportunity

Customer Services
Fuji Xerox Kyushu

I was dispatched from Fuji Xerox Korea to Fuji Xerox Kyushu under the employee exchange program in April 2015. At that time I had no Japanese language ability, but volunteered to participate in the program, striving to make better and faster responses to customers in the face of dramatic changes in their environment. Since I was dispatched to Japan, I have been feeling the joy of learning new things, such as issues of customers in Japan or new approaches to customers - all this while working in the environment different from what I have experienced in Korea.

I will learn Japanese best practices and will adjust my way of doing things as necessary, based on my knowledge of diverse customer environments and field service in Korea. I hope that I can inspire those around me to change their ways as well. "You cannot even fail without taking on a challenge." This is what I learnt from one book, and indeed now I experience it myself.

Providing emerging countries with products, solutions, and services adjusted to local needs and level of development

[High-Priority Management Themes at Fuji Xerox]
Strengthening our position in overseas markets

Features of Fuji Xerox Activities

Fuji Xerox has worldwide business operations, directly marketing its products and services in Asia and Oceania, and serving Europe, the Americas, and emerging markets via Xerox Corporation.

In the Asia and Oceania markets, Fuji Xerox has direct-sales networks in large urban centers and works with local dealers in all other areas. The company has steadily bolstered its product planning and development capabilities in China and expanded its service business to provide products and services that cater to the specific needs of local markets in the region and have a good cost performance. By doing so, Fuji Xerox continues to meet the expectations of its customers.

Activities in the AP-China MarketsNote 1

  • Note 1 Since 2010, Fuji Xerox has pursued companywide efforts to strengthen its global strategies, featuring such initiatives as the transfer of product planning and development functions to China and the use of M&A to expand service businesses.

Fiscal 2015 Performance

By strengthening its global strategies, Fuji Xerox increased the overseas sales ratio from 37 percent in fiscal 2009 to 50 percent in fiscal 2015. In the Asia and Oceania markets in particular, Fuji Xerox capitalized on the strength of its directsales networks to increase its equipment sales and to expand its solution services to maintain growth, and as a result is ranked top in terms of customer satisfaction across regions.

Fiscal 2016 Initiatives

In addition to promoting equipment sales, we will enhance the service and solution businesses. We are implementing localized strategies, for example through the pioneering in the office equipment industry in Cambodia by establishing a directly managed base, and opening the Integrated Customer Experience Center in Thailand as a marketing base for production printing. We will accelerate our business growth in each of the regions by providing products and services that meet the needs of local markets.

Case Study

Enhancing the Global Competitiveness of Our Products and Creating New Value through the Global Platform (GPF) Strategy

DocuCentre SC 2020

In order to keep providing highly-competitive products to the global market, Fuji Xerox introduced a new approach that will serve the basis for product design, and is planning to accelerate product development by sharing the basic designs of the products.

For example, we will foster the standardization of controllers, photoreceptors, toner, transfer belt units, fusers and other parts, establish rules to combine these parts, and create a variety of products through diverse combination of these standardized parts in compliance with the rules and in accordance with individual products' features. We will thereby deliver unique products that meet the needs of local markets and customers across countries including emerging economies. The GPF strategy is intended to increase efficiency in design, assembly on the production line, management of components and materials and field support, and allow us to customize products with greater flexibility, making it easier to meet the requests of individual customers. These requests include printability on paper sheets of different specifications, simultaneous copying of ID documents, and other needs that are specific to emerging countries with accelerated economic growth. Also, the GPF strategy fosters the linkage of products with the latest solution services of Fuji Xerox, enabling it to offer clients in the global market the products with higher added value.

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