New Technologies for Valuable Communication

Communication in today's business environment includes not only face-to-face communication but also global communication, which is done using a wide range of methods and transcends the boundaries of location, time zone, and language, and thus involves many costs. At the same time, the majority of the information that arises during day-to-day business activities is in the form of unstructured data,Note1 which is difficult to utilize effectively. Fuji Xerox is developing communication technologies to utilize this unstructured data in addition to the structured data stored in mission-critical systems, thus facilitating decision making in a global environment.

  • Note1 Unstructured data includes data that is not stored in mission-critical systems, and it is said to make up approximately 80% of the information used in companies' business activities. Unstructured data includes electronic information, such as text, video, emails, and information on SNSs, as well as non-electronic information, such as information written on whiteboards and conversations.

Fundamental Technologies

The following are our fundamental technologies developed to address customer challenges.

Capturing Technology

  • Document Image Processing Technology
  • Image Recognition Technology

Content Handling & Processing Technology

  • Natural Language Processing Technology
  • Knowledge Processing Technology
  • Network Communication Processing Technology
  • Network Communication Processing Technology

Delivering Technology

  • Multimedia Processing Technology
  • Computer-human Interaction Technology

Examples of Customer Challenges (Needs) and How We Addressed Them

Below are case examples illustrating how we have addressed customers' challenges and answered their needs. Check for new case examples in the future.

Efficient use of company internal information and high-quality communication

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