Detection of a Speaker and Auto-recording of Information in a Meeting


Minutes are created and distributed for important meetings. However, reading the minutes cannot provide us with such intimate details as the dialogue and atmosphere in the meeting. On the other hand, video recording is an effective method of recording and reporting the details of a meeting. Having said that, it is difficult to record all the information, such as the facial expressions and moves of all participants, displayed presentation slides, and memos written on a whiteboard, by using a single camera. Thus, recording a meeting with a sense of presence has been a challenge.

Solution (how we addressed the issue)

Fig.1: Images of how a meeting is recorded on video

We developed a system that automatically captures the speaker, slides, and information written on a whiteboard according to an event indicating any change that took place in the meeting (e.g. changing of slides, writing of information on a whiteboard) by using multiple cameras and sensors installed in the conference room.

  • Cameras are installed on the ceiling and/or walls of the room, all facing the center of the room, in order to capture every inch of the room. Sensors are used to capture speakers automatically.
  • With human location sensing technology, cameras can keep track of a speaker wherever he/she is in the room and capture the person.
  • Slides displayed on a screen and information written on a whiteboard are also recorded on video and saved, so as to be synchronized with the progress of the meeting.


As important scenes of a meeting are recorded on video, people who did not attend the meeting can understand the background and reasons for any decisions made, which are rarely informed through minutes. Thus, the decisions made at the meeting can be thoroughly distributed, resulting in quick response.

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