Search for Scenes in Lecture Videos


Recently, a growing number of universities are posting official lecture materials and videos on the Internet to widely provide information and knowledge inside or outside the university. Although lecture videos available online are rapidly increasing and often exceed one hour, there is no method of efficiently finding specific scenes in the videos. Therefore, viewers find it difficult to watch only specific lectures of interest.

Solution (how we addressed the issue)

Fig. 1: Video indexing analysis flowchart

After identifying frames that include slides explained in the lecture, text data (keywords) in the slide images is extracted.
As the extracted text is automatically linked to the frames and stored in a database, the video images become searchable.

  • Users can simply enter a keyword to reach the specific frame containing the slide image and watch a video from the scene of interest.
  • Because thumbnails are used to indicate the frames where the slides are switched, users can easily understand the content of the video.


The content of lecture materials and videos available online can be searched more easily, thereby contributing to more efficient participation in online lectures.

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