Improvement of Customer Engineers' Productivity and Strengthening of Relationships with Customers


Our customer engineers communicate directly with customers through their work of repairing and inspecting multifunctional devices. In recent years, customer engineers have increasingly been consulted from customers about their business issues while working at customer sites. Therefore, what we can do to not only maintain the devices but also respond to their requests with valuable information at the same time is very important. However, since the information necessary to resolve customer issues is stored in distributed multiple databases and there is no means of securely taking such information out of the office, it is difficult for customer engineers to provide the information in a timely manner.

Solution (how we addressed the issue)

To solve this problem, we developed a unique system to automatically gather necessary information from internal databases according to the visit schedule of customer engineers, and then send highly encrypted information to each device by push delivery.

  • Customer engineers can access the information necessary for their work whenever required outside the office, and then promptly propose solutions to customers.
  • Information input into a tablet device is automatically registered to internal databases in real time, thereby reducing the administrative work previously done after customer engineers returned to the office (e.g., reentering written information in a system).


This system strengthens our relationship with customers by enabling customer engineers to respond immediately to customer requests and issues, as well as improving the productivity of customer engineers.

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