Rich Media Technology: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Video Content to Increase Sales and Improve Human Resource Development

Issues in media delivery

With internet speeds constantly increasing and mobile devices becoming a commonplace commodity in today’s society, it is now possible to access and utilize information at any time from almost anywhere. Furthermore, as the use of rich media (video, audio, etc.) becomes more prevalent, we are also seeing the use of these formats by businesses more and more. Video, especially, is increasingly used for a wide variety of purposes such as staff education, the transfer of technical knowledge, advertising, and product explanations.

However, there are still issues needing attention in the delivery of video content: Unstable mobile internet connections still prevent users from enjoying uninterrupted playback; high costs can be incurred for large data consumption; and difficulties are still faced in selecting video content that appeals to user sensibilities. These issues prevent the efficient delivery of content to users and can in turn lead to decreased views and sales.

Fuji Xerox technology for better video delivery

Fuji Xerox has developed a rich media analysis and delivery technology that successfully addresses the issues above, providing users with an optimal viewing experience tailored to their personal preferences and viewing conditions.

Fig.1: Images of how a meeting is recorded on video

  • Smooth video playback is achieved through reducing network loads
    - The optimal data transfer speed is determined to ensure users enjoy continuous, smooth video playback while limiting data consumption based on information obtained from the following parameters: player frame size, buffer amount, data throughput, playback speed, and image quality.
    - The optimal data to maintain a quality viewing experience is determined in real time, allowing users to enjoy video content whenever and wherever, without incurring excess data costs.
  • Thumbnail images that attract user attention are automatically extracted based on individual preferences. By drawing attention to specific videos, users are more likely to select the intended content over other available options.

Benefits of this technology

By making it possible for users to access the information they need on demand, irrespective of their location, Fuji Xerox’s rich media technology enables maximum efficiency in video delivery, strengthening ties between businesses and customers and bettering human resource development.

Message from our developer

With technology of this nature, maximum effectiveness is achieved in its combination with other technology. This is why we chose to collaborate with members from multiple labs in its development. Our biggest challenge when analyzing and evaluating the technology was drawing the correct conclusions on how to incorporate individual user likes and interests regarding video content, as it is these unique factors that play an integral part in the technology’s features. We thus placed high priority on the user perspective, rather than simply adding features that seemed attractive from an engineer point of view. Before making any development decisions, we would always ask ourselves: "As a user, would I myself enjoy this feature? Would I consider it useful?" We at Fuji Xerox will continue in our pursuit to develop unique technologies by always putting ourselves in the user’s shoes.

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