Antifouling Self-Healing Coating Technology

Antifouling Self-Healing Coating Technology, Coating technology capable of restoring damaged areas

Coating technology capable of restoring damaged areas

Through various research efforts into scratch damage prevention of multifunction printer components, Fuji Xerox has succeeded in developing a unique, self-healing coating technologyNote1. Developed by Fuji Xerox’s material technology group, the coating exhibits both heat-tolerance and antifouling properties on top of its ability to self-repair damage from scratching. These properties present potential applications across many fields in which superior protection against surface damage is required.

  • Note1 The elasticity of the self-healing coating material enables it to return to its original state after being dented as a result of heavy loads.

Additional properties:

  • Heat tolerance
  • Alkali resistance
  • Acid resistance
  • Recoatability
  • Slip resistance
  • High adhesion
  • High adhesion

Potential applications of self-healing coating

Prevention against scratching and flaking of: home appliances, electronic devices (tablets, etc.), auto parts, building materials, furniture, and other miscellaneous goods made of metal, glass, and leather.

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