Tomoko Suzuki, Development department


Q1. What are your current roles and responsibilities?

I'm in charge of developing in-house manufacturing technology for the base material of intermediate transfer belts in order to introduce new intermediate transfer belts to existing products. By reviewing the whole production process while conforming to the requirements from upstream departments, we aim to maintain a uniform molecular structure of the material, so as to develop intermediate transfer belts at lower cost and ensure stable production without lot-to-lot variations.

Q2. What do you keep in mind while at work?

From what I have learned from several failures experienced since joining Fuji Xerox, I always keep the following three points in mind.

(1) Respond to emails and requests quickly, and promptly make decisions without hesitation.

I reply to emails by the end of the day and handle requests as soon as possible. If I cannot handle a request immediately, I always inform the requester as to when I can respond to it. In order to put this approach into practice, I must promptly make appropriate decisions without any hesitation. I also think that the most effective businesspersons make quick responses even when asked to go drinking after work.

(2) Make a phone call rather than send an email, meet in person rather than make a phone call.

This approach doesn't just reduce miscommunication. My boss told me, "If you are taking time to write an email, just make a phone call instead." Moreover, it seems to me that I can tell people my intentions and feelings better when I meet and talk to them face to face.

(3) Clarify my ideas and purposes when consulting with my boss or senior colleagues.

I think that the degree to which my idea can be developed is determined by how deeply I thought through the idea and how much time I spent on it. Without any original ideas, consulting with someone else is meaningless, and I would feel sorry for the person.

Q3. What do you think is the value of technology?

I think there are two kinds of domains for research at universities or other institutions. The first one is a domain where difficult problems are solved steadily one by one through an academic approach. The other is a domain where people pursue champion data. Compared to these two domains, research and development conducted by companies belong to a domain where people aim to produce good products stably and make them useful. Technology is a tool to achieve this goal. In order to produce good products stably and make them useful, I think it is important to picture the essentials of things and grasp the mechanisms. And we should also deal with data and phenomena honestly, sincerely, and seriously.

Q4. What do you like to do to relax or relieve stress?


I always like to play basketball. I'm most happy when I play good team defense with the other players, score a goal after receiving a pass from a teammate, and when other teammates score goals after receiving my pass.

Cleaning my room

My room gets messy when I am exhausted and stressed, but once I decide to clean up, I clean up the room completely, even the drainage.

Chatting and laughing with friends while eating and drinking delicious foods

I used to like meat before, but now I like vegetables better. I would like a beer for my first drink, but I also drink champagne, wine, and grapefruit sour. On weekends, I cook my own meals, such as chicken and egg over rice (a Japanese dish).

One Day - a day in my workweek

8:30 a.m.-
9:00 a.m.
I come to work. I check emails and the day's schedule that I wrote down the previous night.
In the morning In the laboratory, I evaluate and measure the low-cost prototype that I made the previous day (regarding the size and shape of the belt, electrical characteristics, strength of the machine, etc.). After that, I organize the results and analyze the characteristics of the prototype.
Lunch I get my lunch at the co-op. Sometimes I make lunch at home and bring it to work.
In the afternoon I discuss the development process and evaluation method for a new internally manufactured material with members of the design department. I also report the characteristics of the developed material or have meetings with members of the production department.
After the regular work time I write down the next day's schedule and the things left undone for that day.
Leave the office Sometimes during my busiest work periods, I leave the office after 10:00 p.m.