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Resolving Customers' Challenges through Customer Co-creation

Fuji Xerox's Own Case Example: Creating Value Firmly Rooted in the Perspective of Customers

Customers have a need for their work and challenges to be understood and for new value to be provided to them from a customer-centric perspective. At Fuji Xerox, through our activities done in our Customer Co-creation Laboratory located in R&D Square, we aim to swiftly address the increasingly diversified needs of customers, from the provision of products such as multifunction printers to the provision of solutions to customers' problems in the form of services.
Introduced below are some of Fuji Xerox's own case examples of both the open and secure co-creation activities that are in practice in our Customer Co-creation Laboratory.

This case example can be applied to many other business fields and industries aiming to provide high value-added service through continually increasing the value of their products and services currently in use at customer sites, as well as through offering new products and services in answer to customer needs.

Suggested applications for this case example in other business fields and industries:

  • Consumer products manufacturing industry: conducting open R&D with an emphasis on direct dialogue with customers
  • Industrial equipment industry: business from the sale of equipment to the continual provision of value at customers' sites
  • Regional municipalities: creating an environment in which local residents as well as private businesses can engage in dialogues with the goal of resolving social issues

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An Environment Promoting the Discovery of Value Creation Themes via Collaboration between Industry, Academia, and Government

At Fuji Xerox, we aim to take advantage of the urban location of our R&D center to create an environment in which continued innovation can take place through our organic partnership and relationship of mutual enlightenment with the regional community. Through offering this space in which the challenges faced by our customers, our own challenges, and the challenges of our partner organizations and the region as a whole can be shared across organizations and discussed together with specialists and experts in a wide range of fields, we are working to pursue new ideas and measures that will lead to the creation of new value.

With the various challenges faced by our customers serving as the starting point, we utilize our dynamic collaborative network in order to make connections with the right people at the right time in order to address these challenges. In addition to academic societies and industry groups, this network includes organizations within universities and research institutes promoting industry-academic collaboration, as well as public organizations promoting collaboration between government, industry, and academia.


To make an appointment at the Customer Co-creation Laboratory, please contact the Fuji Xerox staff.