Target Business Challenge Areas

Document Services and Communications

Fuji Xerox has been working to conduct research and development of document- and communication-related technologies and products in order to create an environment in which people can comfortably utilize information, which is in keeping with the words of Joseph C. Wilson, the first president of Xerox Corporation: "Our business goal is to achieve better understanding among men through better communications."

Corporate activities can be categorized into four types: "well-defined activities," which directly relate to work processes and workflows such as planning, development, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance; "non-well-defined activities," which include the ways in which people actually work and communicate (e.g., holding meetings, creating documents, and gathering information); "customer relationship activities," which include the continuous provision of value to customers and customer-oriented marketing; and "company quality improvement activities," which aim to continuously provide value to customers. In order to enhance each of these types of activities and allow them to function interconnectedly, the effective use of documents and suitable communications play important roles.

In our Customer Co-creation Laboratory, we aim to provide new value to customers in the field of "Document Services and Communications," in which Fuji Xerox is conducting R&D, by approaching customers' business challenges from the perspectives of the four areas below.

  • [Well-defined activities]: the perspective of business processes and workflows
  • [Non-well defined activities]: the perspective of office work productivity and working styles
  • [Customer relationship activities]: the perspective of total support and marketing
  • [Company quality improvement activities]: the perspective of strategy formulation, project management, and human resource development


To make an appointment at the Customer Co-creation Laboratory, please contact the Fuji Xerox staff.