Achieving Valuable Communications

Since our establishment, Fuji Xerox has continued to follow the words of Joseph C. Wilson, the first president of Xerox Corporation: "Our business goal is to achieve better understanding among men through better communications." In pursuit of this goal, we are working to develop document- and communication-related technologies for the purpose of creating a comfortable environment in which people can utilize information. In addition, with "build an environment for the creation and effective utilization of knowledge" as one of our mission statements, we aim to create an environment in which people can share and utilize the information they need, when it is needed, where it is needed, and in the form that is needed, thus achieving more valuable communications.
With this goal in mind, we aim to shift from our previously established culture of duplicating information, going beyond that to pursue the development of new technologies that convert information into the optimal form and deliver it while utilizing technologies such as ICT and cloud technology.
During our pursuit of technological development, we are careful to maintain a human-centric way of thinking. We believe that people should not have to modify how they think or behave in order to be compatible with various information devices, but rather it is important that our technology provides the necessary information and functions in the optimal form in order to be compatible with human activity. Based on this development philosophy of human-centered design, we are working to create new values from a thoroughly customer-centric approach at Fuji Xerox R&D Square, our research and development center located in Yokohama's Minato Mirai district.
Moreover, at the FX Palo Alto Laboratory, Fuji Xerox's research and development center in California in the US, we are conducting leading-edge research with a focus on the fields of multimedia technology and information-related technology. The results of the research conducted here are incorporated into new services that allow new forms of communication to be achieved.

[Content handling and processing technology]The area of technology that enables easy visual searching of necessary content and the restructuring of data into valuable data [Capturing technology] The area of technology used to collect, classify, and utilize the various information handled in work processes, including paper and electronic documents, emails, Web content, images, video, phone calls, and audio [Delivering technology ] The area of technology that provides the optimal information at the optimal time and place and in the optimal form, in an easy, safe, and reliable manner [Digital imaging technology] The area of technology that aims to enhance the quality of the information communicated using our imaging technologies with Xerography at their core, as well as printing technologies, while facilitating the creation and utilization of information over networks