Technology for Printing on Plastic Cards

Integrated circuit cards (ICCs) are being increasingly utilized in such diverse fields as finance, transportation, and public administration.

Conventionally, offset printing and dye sublimation printing are mainly used for printing on ICCs. Fuji Xerox has developed technology to print on such cards by using xerography-the same technology used in our multifunction devices. The use of xerographic technology eliminates the need for plates as required in conventional printing methods, thus allowing the printed content to be easily changed. This enables the on-demand printing of a different image for each card at high resolution, similar to using a printer.

As this newly developed printing system for ICCs can print, collate, and laminate on one inline device, the following benefits are realized.

  • Less likely to contain dust or waste,
  • Correctly paired images printed on the front and back of a card, with precise image registration,
  • Special surface processing (e.g., antibacterial coating, damage prevention) made possible,
  • Less environmental impact due to environmentally safe materials used in the process, and
  • Low operating cost.

Printing System for ICCs and Its Supporting Technologies

Printing on cards entails the printing and collating of sheets, temporary heat sealing, and sheet compression bonding processes. These processes are automated by an inline device and enabled using xerographic technology.