Document Management Solutions

As the digitization of documents has accelerated in many offices, along with the advancement of ICT, work operational efficiency has been improved. Meanwhile, paper documents are still being used when people pass around forms and applications for approval. Moreover, educational institutions still use many paper documents, such as test papers in schools. In order to promote the digitization of documents using ICT without losing the benefits of paper documents, Fuji Xerox is developing technology for providing secure environments where both electronic and paper documents can be collectively managed in a way suited to business environments and requirements.

Our Main Technologies

Technology to embed inconspicuous codes onto paper

Technology that allows information to be added to documents that are to be printed out by embedding inconspicuous code in the background

Image Difference Extraction Technology

Technology to compare two versions, before and after revision, of a drawing or other images and extract/indicate the differences

Electronic Document Technology (DocuWorks)

Technology to create electronic documents without losing the benefits of using paper documents

Character Recognition Technology using the Mechanism of Human Visual Information Processing

Technology that enables automatic recognition of handwritten characters in a document written in multiple languages

Automatic Document Naming System

A system that can automatically assign names to scanned document files that convey their content