Environmental Technology

In order to achieve our Ecology & Safety Vision,Note1 Fuji Xerox has been addressing the following three environmental issues: prevention of global warming, conservation of natural resources, and reduction of hazardous chemical substances. To provide safe and environmentally friendly products to our customers, we have been developing technologies to enable the efficient reuse of parts and the recycling of materials, energy-saving technologies, and technologies to enable Fuji Xerox products to conform to international environmental standards, by considering the entire life cycle of products from when we purchase the materials and parts until customers no longer use the products.

All Fuji Xerox Ecology & Safety Vision
All Fuji Xerox will introduce and develop into all aspect of its business world-class ecology-conscious activities that emphasize respect for the environment. Companies in the group will strive to offer customers products, services, and related information that are safe and kind to the environment, and thereby, contribute to the environmental conservation efforts of individuals and society.

Our Main Technologies