New Paper Shredder Technology

Office document security has recently attracted much attention in response to many cases of information leakage. When conventional straight-cut shredders are used to dispose of paper documents containing confidential information, most of the shredded paper is incinerated and therefore cannot be recycled. Fuji Xerox has developed a unique "tear and crush" system for its shredders that helps to ensure both the security of documents and the recycling of paper in paper document disposal.

In our "tear and crush" system, paper is torn into small pieces instead of simply being cut, thereby leaving the paper fibers intact and not cut off. This makes it easier to recycle paper and enables the effective use of paper that was previously processed as burnable rubbish.

Fig. 1: Trust-Eco 1500

The process of document shredding using our "tear and crush" system

1.Tearing up

As shown in Fig. 1, the star-shaped sharp cutter blades puncture the paper from both the front and rear sides. The paper is then torn up as the blades rotate at a different speed. This process is repeated to gradually tear the paper into smaller pieces. Because the cutter blades stab the paper in various ways, the paper is torn into pieces of different shapes and sizes.


The torn pieces of paper are stirred up. This process reduces the possibility of documents being recovered and read again.


The pieces of paper are sent to the exit duct in a circular motion, and then crushed by the compressor screw. This tightly compresses the pieces of paper together as moisture in the paper evaporates due to the friction-induced heat caused by the paper being crushed by the screw, while the fibers that remain around the edges of the pieces of paper become entangled together. As a result, the torn paper can be easily and efficiently collected, stored and transported, because this compression process prevents the scattering of paper and reduces the volume of paper.

Fig. 1: Trust-Eco 1500

Trust-Eco 1500
(Small-footprint model with built-in collection box)

Trust-Eco 1500 EX
(Model for high volume processing with external collection box)

Up to 65 sheets of paper can be set at one time.
Up to 150 sheets of A4 sized paper (landscape) can be consecutively processed per minute.
Paper is smoothly taken in with the built-in variable speed motor.
The operating noise of new model is reduced from 63 dB of the conventional model to 54.8 dB, or equivalent to that of multifunction devices.