Engineering-Parts list (E-P list) and Parts-Process list (P-P list)

The Engineering-Parts list (E-P list) classifies the functions of a product into primary and secondary functions, and relates them with the relevant trouble, failure mode, configuration parameters, and priority of design/production management, in order to determine parts-level design targets.
The Parts-Process list (P-P list) includes information about the production methods/processes, measuring methods, and quality assurance methods devised to achieve the design targets. The list also includes information about the actual process capability of similar parts and other information.
In Fuji Xerox, from an early stage of the "Virtual" phase, designers and engineers in charge of making preparations for production work closely to coordinate the E-P list and P-P list, and clarify the basis of both design and preparing for production. In this way, we aim to achieve "concurrent development" where design and preparations for production are conducted concurrently.
We created a database that enables easy access to the lists of predecessor products and related products, as well as the templates of general functions, in order to reduce the burden on engineers.

Fig 1: Conceptual diagram of the E-P list / P-P list

Fig 2: E-P list items

Fig 3: P-P list items