Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a method of determining design quality and production quality, with the aim of assuring product quality at every process starting from the initial processes of development and design. Customer requests are converted into alternate characteristics (quality characteristics) to determine the design quality of a finished product. The characteristics are systematically linked to the quality of functional parts, as well as the quality and process elements of individual parts.
Fuji Xerox regards all processes from creating the K-K list to creating the P-P list (Fig. 1) as QFD. The "Virtual" phase where CAD data (drawings) are created includes more activities than the "Real" phase, in order to realize front-loading development. This way, we can clarify the basis of design and the basis of preparing for production before starting trial production and mass production in the "Real" phase. It is important to enhance the use of various simulation tools and design tools that utilize digital information for establishing a basis of design and a basis of preparing for production during the "Virtual" phase.

Fig 1: Quality Function Deployment of Fuji Xerox