Input and Output Solutions

Multifunction devices equipped with copy, print, scan, and fax functions are utilized in various kinds of office work via connection to a network and linkage with other systems and services. Fuji Xerox is developing technology for improving productivity in offices, while ensuring convenience and security by utilizing the input/output functions of office equipment.

Our Main Technologies

Scan Translation Technology

Technology for using a multifunction device to print out documents in various languages, as easily as if they were being copied

Image Difference Extraction Technology

Technology to compare two versions, before and after revision, of a drawing or other images and extract/indicate the differences

Character Recognition Technology using the Mechanism of Human Visual Information Processing

Technology that enables automatic recognition of handwritten characters in a document written in multiple languages

ApeosWare Management Suite

Technology for a software suite consisting of multiple software supports for managing and operating multifunction devices and printers

Technology for Creating Inconspicuous Code Images for Hand-written Information Input System "Denshi-Pen"

Technology for creating inconspicuous code images using high-performance, infrared-absorbing pigment that is almost transparent

Two-dimensional Coordinate Encoding Technology for Hand-written Information Input System "Denshi-Pen"

Two-dimensional coordinate encoding technology for retrieving page IDs from and locating the pen-point position in hand-written information