Comparison of paper and electronic media

In recent years, many offices have been going paperless, and such effects as the sharing of information using electronic media,Note1 reduced storage space and lower distribution cost for paper documents, improved searchability of documents, prevention of information leakage, and environmental friendliness are expected to be demonstrated. On the other hand, many offices continue to use paper documents. At Fuji Xerox, we research how to realize an optimum work style by taking advantage of the characteristics of both paper and electronic media, and integrating their merits. Two study cases where we compared the characteristics of paper and electronic media are given below.

  • Note1 Electronic media refers to display devices using digital technology, such as the display of a computer, an electronic book, or a projector.

Study Cases

Case 1: Comparison of CO2 emissions from an environmental perspective

A case comparing the CO2 emissions generated "when reading a document" and "when attendants of a meeting share a document" is presented.

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Case 2: Comparison of work efficiency

A case comparing the work efficiencies of proofreading documents is presented.

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