Technology for In-house Manufacture of Essential Components

Fuji Xerox manufactures essential components (e.g., photoreceptor drums, charging rolls, transfer belts, fusing belts/rolls) in-house that enable monochrome and color multifunction devices and printers to become faster and smaller, while still achieving higher image quality.
The wide-ranging functions that essential components must have include the generation and transfer of charge and heat. Fuji Xerox uses organic and inorganic materials, as well as hybrids of these materials, that are optimal for enabling these required functions, in order to develop both single- and multi-layered essential components. In developing materials, new materials are being synthesized and polymerized to enable new functions.When it comes to developing essential components, we believe that it is important to develop not only the materials but also the manufacturing technology. Therefore, we synchronize the development of materials with that of the manufacturing technology.
We are internally developing such unit processes as mixing, film formation, coating, drying, baking, and finishing that suit the materials used to create the essential components, as well as designing facilities in the manufacturing plants that can achieve high productivity and size flexibility for essential components.
These efforts have enabled the manufacture of high-quality essential components at low cost.

  • Fig. 1: Transfer Belt

  • Fig. 2: Fusing Belt

  • Fig. 3: Photoreceptor Drum and Charging Roll