Document Solutions and Services

Fuji Xerox offers solutions and services with a focus on the flow of documents within a customer's work process. By using the technology and knowledge developed through the experience of managing document output, our solutions and services streamline customers' work processes, as well as achieve a seamless connection of paper documents with IT infrastructure. Here we introduce the functional patterns used to provide our solutions and services.

  • Note Functional structures are subject to change according to the advancement of ICT.

Related Technologies

Document Tracking Technology

Document tracking technology that enables the low-cost implementation of a system that can easily collect and manage real-time data to monitor the progress of work by utilizing document processing technology

Functional structures of our solutions and services

Solution for efficient document printing using various systems together with mission critical systems

The solution to provide an efficient printing process by connecting various systems with mission critical systems offers an environment in which mission critical systems, software, and multifunction devices or printers are connected and used together to achieve the efficient printing of documents.

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Document Security

The document security solution offers a secure printing environment by connecting hardware such as network devices, servers, computers, and multifunction devices with different software that manages users and jobs.

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Document Centric-Business Process Management (DC-BPM)

Document Centric-Business Process Management (DC-BPM) is a solution that can improve customers' work processes by understanding the flow of documents that customers use in their work in order to visualize the work process, and thus clarify any problems occurring in that process.

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Network Service

The network service contains various features to support customer communication, thereby creating new value, and also offers an environment in which necessary information can be used in a desired format anytime, anywhere.

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