Document Centric-Business Process Management (DC-BPM)

Fig. 1: Functional structure of DC-BPM

  • Note1 A combination of a structured workflow process and a non-structured collaboration process

Document Centric-Business Process Management (DC-BPM) is a solution that can improve customers' work processes by understanding the flow of documents that customers use in their work in order to visualize the work process, and thus clarify any problems occurring in that process. In this solution, documents are considered a fundamental element of any work process as any output or situation in a work process is formalized into some sort of documents. With this assumption, the solution establishes the process of business process management where work is made visible, optimized, standardized, shared, monitored, and evaluated.

As the digitization of paper documents in offices becomes more common, work that involves documents is increasingly being incorporated into IT systems. However, communication using paper documents is still prevalent within and between corporations. In order to successfully leverage DC-BPM, it thus becomes important to efficiently convert the process of sending and receiving paper documents to a digital one. Figure 1 shows the functional structure pattern that is used to connect a company's mission critical system with the document management system that can collectively handle both digital and paper documents. In the document input process, such paper documents as quotes can be scanned, with their images and metadata then being input into the document management system by using an easy-to-use, browser-based, customized user interface of multifunction devices. The system can be set so that once such document information is input, it can be sent to the person in charge of the next step of the workflow via e-mail. In the document management process, the data of documents such as forms that may total tens and millions in a company can be incorporated into a predefined workflow so as to make the work status and document registration status visible. In the document conversion-viewing process and the document output-delivery process, the various types of work required up until the delivery of documents, such as collectively converting documents into HTML or PDF format, are also streamlined.

In order to fully leverage DC-BPM and achieve an ideal work process, a company's work process must be improved not only by simply systemizing the process but also by involving all employees in the improvement process, including top management, field managers, IT development engineers, and operation managers. Within such work processes, Fuji Xerox focuses on utilizing our DC-BPM solution for know-how and techniques that exist in work processes, but which are difficult to visualize, as well as documents that have been created and improved over a long period of time, in order to improve overall company performance.