Network Service

Functional structure of the network service

A network service offers applications and features via the Internet that customers can use anytime they desire. Figure 1 shows the functional structure that enables the provision of a network service. It contains the network service that includes such features as storing and printing documents, streaming multimedia content, and other features that help improve work processes and manage ICT devices. The figure also includes platforms that achieve quick startup and stable operation of the features using a data center, service updates and installations, the provision of different services for each customer's needs, and the management of billing and contracts.

In line with the advancement and growing popularity of cloud service technology and mobile devices, the work environment of customers is undergoing significant change. To keep up with this change, Fuji Xerox offers customer solutions that contain various network service features to support customer communication, thereby creating new value, and also offers an environment in which necessary information can be used in a desired format anytime, anywhere.

The network service requires reliable technology that allows customers to use the systems necessary for resolving their problems when needed. The network service platforms also require flexibility that can allow the installation of new services, enhancement of current services, a greater number of users, and changes to business models.

In order to help create an environment in which customers can create new value and utilize it in their entire work process, we are focusing on various elements of the network service that we provide over the Internet, such as enabling various features, offering the ability to use the service together with other services, as well as the platforms, security, operation, and delivery methods.

The four main types of services offered through our network service are as follows:

1. A secure network outsourcing service that can be used without an expert or administrator present

This type of service includes technology for network communication, document storage, security, and remote maintenance, so as to offer an all-in-one service through which customers can establish and manage their network environment, as well as security measures. By using this service, the network can be installed and safely run at low cost, even when an administrator or expert is not present in the office. We also offer such solutions as a service that securely stores important or confidential information to prevent documents from being misplaced in times of emergency or crisis, or to abide by laws governing the required retention period of a document. Another solution offered is to safely connect to an intranet using an external computer or a mobile device. These services allow users to work with a sense of assurance and safety.

2. A cloud service that supports customers sharing documents

This type of service contributes to streamlining the workflow and decision-making process of teams or companies, by offering a smoother handling of documents and promoting collaboration. By using a combination of various types of technology such as cloud storage technology, mobile application technology, document handling technology, and technology to connect multifunction devices with our services via the network, the location of documents can be shifted from company servers to the public cloud. Documents can thus be shared in offices as well as in a mobile environment, allowing information to be used anywhere, anytime. For example, fax data received by a multifunction device can be directly uploaded to the cloud service for immediate viewing of the fax document from any location. Making documents accessible from computers and mobile devices ensures a smoother sharing of information among coworkers or the members of other companies. For the users of mobile devices, it is important to quickly and easily view documents, even on a small screen or touch panel device, and allow the users to take notes as if jotting down notes on a notepad. The document handling technology developed by Fuji Xerox can optimize how documents are displayed depending on the mobile device used, thereby affording better usability and document handling even on mobile devices.

3. A service that offers various collaboration tools that teams can use for quick and easy communication

This type of service offers tools that can be used by members of a team to work collaboratively from both office computers and mobile devices, by managing internal communication and online work in an integrated manner. Tools include such communication support tools as email, a calendar, online chat, a schedule management tool, and tools to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. The service also includes tools to manage business cards for properly managing all customer contact points, and a comprehensive tool to support sales representatives by unifying the process to seal a business deal. This tool provides a system to manage customers and covers all activities, including marketing, business meetings, and providing continuous support for existing customers.

4. The netprint service available on multifunction devices in 7-Eleven stores so that users can print documents outside the office

This type of service allows the printing of documents safely and in high quality at any 7-Eleven store in Japan. Monitoring the servers, controlling who gets access, and securing a data path are done to ensure security. Technology to print out necessary documents in high image quality is also incorporated in this service. By using this service, users can print any documents and photos, as well as such products as maps and music scores that can be purchased and printed out on a Fuji Xerox multifunction device in any 7-Eleven store.

Through the print service that can connect to applications, a work system used in a company or an application can be connected with netprint, allowing the printing of documents sent from work systems and applications on any multifunction device.