Document Security

Fig. 1: Functional structure of the document security solution

The document security solution offers a secure printing environment by connecting hardware such as network devices, servers, computers, and multifunction devices with different software that manages users and jobs. Figure 1 shows the functional structure of this type of solution, which offers secure document printing by incorporating a personal authentication system. The solution that utilizes integrated circuit card (ICC) authentication for performing jobs on a multifunction device is one example of using this structure.

The use of an ICC for authentication on multifunction devices is achieved by sending the card identifier or user identifier read from the ICC to the authentication server of the management system. There are two methods of authentication using ICCs: authentication on the device, and authentication using an external server. To authenticate on a multifunction device, the device confirms whether the detected user information matches the information registered on the device. In the method of authentication using an external server, the user can choose to authenticate directly by using Active Directory or the LDAP server, or use Fuji Xerox's authentication server, ApeosWare Authentication Management, which is a part of ApeosWare Management Suite. Fuji Xerox's authentication server can be used not only for authentication but also for limiting the use of multifunction devices to specific users or groups by granting them permission. A secondary server or the cache containing user information on the multifunction device can be used as backup to assure that authentication is possible, even in the event of server or network failure.

About 80% of all information security incidents are caused by both intentional and unintentional information leakage from inside the organization, and about half of those incidents involve information leakage using paper documents.Note1 To prevent information leakage through paper documents as well as digital documents, Fuji Xerox is developing security technology that focuses on multifunction devices that handle document input and output. Information holds meaning and value only when it is communicated and utilized. Therefore, maintaining high security without limiting the use of documents becomes a key point. We offer solutions for document security with a focus on allowing the smooth handling and use of documents within companies.

  • Note1 From a 2008 report by the Japan Network Security Association.
  • Note Active Directory is a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, Japan, and other countries.