Analysis Technology

This technology is used to analyze an image before it is processed using our reproduction technology or identification technology. By performing an integrated analysis of the factors that are considered to influence human perception of surface properties, the parameters necessary for more accurate reproduction, identification, and synthesis/transfer processes can be calculated automatically. The parameters used in the Retinex model,Note1 which are necessary to improve visibility, and parameters such as frequency band information, which are used to reproduce surface properties, can be automatically determined by analyzing the subbands and dark areas of an image.
The analysis technology incorporates processing based on how the human eye perceives objects. It can divide an object in an image into different types of information. For example, before the visibility of an image is reproduced using the reproduction technology, the analysis technology separates the image's frequency band information, which has a high influence on the perception of surface properties, into different subbands and analyzes each of them in order to calculate the parameters for optimal reproduction (Fig. 1).

  • Note1 The Retinex model is a perception model of the human visual system that separates each pixel value of an image into an illumination component and a reflection component.

Fig. 1: An example of analyzing surface properties