Synthesis and Transfer Technology

The synthesis and transfer technology can synthesize a part of an image into another image or transfer a property of an image to another image to give it a similar look and feel. An image that was cut out using the identification technology and then synthesized with another image can be processed so that it blends in with the synthesized image. Also, if a user wants to change the look and feel of an image to be similar to those of another image, it can be done by processing both of the images.
For example, first the scenic properties of both the original image and the model image are extracted. Then, in order to match the scenic properties of the original image with the model image, the scenic properties are transferred from the model image to the original image. To do this, a conversion formula representing the scenic properties of the model image is generated, and this formula is used to change the scenic properties of the original image to those of the model image. By using this technology in combination with our identification technology, it is also possible to change only a specific part of an image to have different properties (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1: An example of transferring the scenic properties of a sunset to an image of a beach in the daytime