Technology Development Environment of Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox is currently expanding its conventional photocopying business into a solutions business. Our research and development focuses on a customer-centric approach to offer the most appropriate solution for each client's business challenges. By continuously dedicating itself to the human-centric design of products and services, and pursuing new value to offer to customers, Fuji Xerox is trying new approaches and seeking to construct a suitable environment for developing technology.
Our efforts in research and development, as well as our technology development environment, are introduced here.

Providing New Value and Strengthening the R&D Network

Our new R&D structure, value creation, and global R&D network

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Intellectual Property Activities

Our efficient intellectual property activities for creating technology assets

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Fuji Xerox Digital Work Way - Development/Production-Preparation Process Innovation -

The development/production-preparation process called Fuji Xerox Digital Work Way (FXDWW) connects each process of research, technology development, and product development by utilizing consistent digital information.

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