Optical back-plane bus system using optical sheet bus technology

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Fuji Xerox has been developing a novel optical bus transmission technology named 'Optical Sheet Bus (OSB)'. OSB enables broadcasting, bi-directional communication, easy alignment in optical interconnection with diffused light transmission in the multi-planar wave-guides. It is effective to accelerate data transmission rates, to increase a number of IC fan-outs, to reduce electromagnetic noise of printed circuit boards (PCB), and to reduce design and fabrication costs of PCBs. OSB can replace an electronic buses including back-plane bus systems of disk arrays, cell stations.

In this report, we present a SCSI bus system with OSB that interconnects a PC with hard disk drives. The structure and performance of the optical SCSI bus system are reported, and confirmed to be effective.

We are going to realize processor-memory buses and inter-chip connection with OSB in the future.

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