Photoaddressable Electronic Paper

Hiroshi Arisawa Document Products Company
Haruo Harada same as above

We have developed a novel electronic paper which consists of cholesteric liquid crystal (ChLC) and an organic photoconductor (OPC). The microencapsulated ChLC stacked on the OPC with the dual charge generation layer (CGL) can be switched between a focal-conic texture and a planar texture by light modulation under AC voltage. A monocolor electronic paper prototype was fabricated and it demonstrated a bistable and flexible image. This electronic paper has several advantages, including high-speed imaging with a two-dimensional light modulation device, lightweight, thin and flexible form factors, non-volatility of image, image stability against bending or pressing, a wide viewing angle, high resolution, and so forth. We also demonstrated the feasibility of fullcolor with a novel driving scheme for stacked red /green /blue (RGB) ChLC layers.

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