Development of EA Toner (Emulsion Aggregation Toner)
for high quality and oil-less printing

Yasuo Matsumura Supply Business Company
Chiaki Suzuki same as above
Takao Ishiyama same as above

Emulsion aggregation toner (nick named as EA Toner) has been developed for digital color copiers & printers.

Emulsion aggregation toner has been made by using the following process steps: pigment/wax dispersion preparation, emulsion polymerization, mixing, aggregation, and coalescence. The emulsion aggregation process with stepwise aggregation in particle formation provides a capsule structure and it also exhibits narrow particle size distribution. Shape optimized toner particles are obtained by the coalescence condition.

EA Toner process requires less energy than conventional toner manufacturing process because of no pulverization and no classification are required even in the smaller size region.

The encapsulated toner enables the same level of charge for each color as well as stable print quality under various conditions and realized high level compatibility between oil-less fusing, high resolution print quality and wider applicability for different kinds of paper by internal wax incorporation and shape optimization.

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