TeamEnsemble : A Web based collaboration support system

Hiroshi Katsurabayashi Industry Solutions Company
Shoichi Hayashi same as above
Motoyuki Takaai same as above
Takashi Noguchi same as above
Akira Kurosawa same as above
Tooru Ishigaki same as above
Nobuyuki Takeo same as above
Nobuo Suzuki same as above
Fumitaka Matsumoto same as above
Shinji Kita same as above

The subject of the business process in the enterprise is the team formation which can cope with a change rapidly and the joint ownership of the process and the unofficial knowledge. Then, a system was made referring to the "management of the place" which modeled the management of the Japanese pattern process intention. TeamEnsemble is collaboration support tool of the Web base, and it provides the place where it exceeds organization on the Internet and active. Then, the accumulation of the information (message and document) and joint ownership can be done in the issue unit. The boundary ("membership", "space" and a "problem") of the place and the formation step (in such cases as the "member's selection", the "establishment of the basic element of the place") of the place were put in order again, and the basic idea of TeamEnsemble was made. Taskplace, Tasklist, and so on were made based on this idea And it has the Task reference function to search the information accumulated again in the place, and the KnowWho reference function which searches a specialist, too. Before selling it, this system is being used for more than two years with the actual business in October, 2000. This system found out that it contributed to the common promotion of the unofficial knowledge, the team formation of the organization which isn't steady and the business process as a result.

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