Introduction of PKI Technology and Device Certificate

Masato Kurosaki Service Technology Development,
Service Technology Development Group
Ryu Inada same as above
Makoto Udagawa same as above
Takanori Masui Controller Software Development,
Office Product Business Group

In this paper, we introduce PKI technology, which attracts attention as security technology, and a practical use example in Fuji Xerox.

Recently, with the laws about electronic documents has been enacted; Therefore, greater importance has been attached to the security of electronic documents. PKI attracts attention as security technology of electronic documents. The digital certificate used by PKI was standardized as X.509 by ITU-T/ISO/IEC. Then, standardization through the Internet has been carried out by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). In PKIX-WG of IETF, the standardization of the framework for performing the usage profile of a digital certificate and validity verification of a digital certificate is performed.

Fuji Xerox has advanced in its technical development and product development, which uses PKI technology as the base. In January 2004, the PKI function was equipped on digital multi-functional device (ApeosPort), for encryption of a network communication. Then, encryption/signature of a scanned document, etc. are realized. In January 2005, issuance service of the digital certificate for ApeosPort (device certificate) was started so that these PKI functions could be used easily. Since this device certificate indicates the model name and serial number of ApeosPort, also in the communication via the Internet, ApeosPort is certainly identified. Thereby, offering of the new Internet service, which made ApeosPort a portal device, is attained.

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