Paper Document Security

Kensuke Ito Service Technologies Development,
Service Technologies Development Group
Hiroyuki Sayuda same as above
Fujio Ihara same as above
Tetsuya Kimura same as above
Mario Fuse System Technologies Development,
Technologies Development Group

We describe a couple of component technologies in order to realize paper document (printouts) security, that is, assuring of original and preventing information leakage. We have developed iTone, MIG, and Paper Identification to assure original, and Remote-Code Read-Out to prevent information leakage.

The first two, which enable us to embed authentication information in paper documents, and to retrieve the original electronic document, are embedding technology that embeds digital data into character portion, and image portion, respectively. Paper Identification is a robust anti-counterfeit technology that can identify uniqueness of paper documents by observing random patterns of the pulp fibers. Remote-Code Read-Out, which enables us to prevent document from being taken out illegally as well as illegal photocopying, can electromagnetically sense the existence of magnetic fibers embedded in paper document.

We can provide documents with appropriate security levels according to various user needs by combining these component technologies appropriately.

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