EOO : Implementing Ubiquitous Workplaces for
Innovative Work Practices

Masatomi Inagaki Corporate Technology Planning,
R&D Development Management Group
Kazunori Horikiri Service Platform Strategy,
Service Technologies Development Group
Yoshitsugu Hirose Advanced Devices & Materials Laboratory,
Corporate Research Group
Yoshiki Watanabe Open Office Initiative
Eriko Tamaru Human Interface Design Development,
R&D Delopment Management Group
Yoshihiro Masuda FXPAL Japan, Corporate Research Group

"Open Office Frontier" (OOF) encapsulates Fuji Xerox's business vision. Open Office is an unrestricted business environment that connects the knowledge of different people, breaking down the barriers of time, space, company, and structure. We present an innovative workplace concept called "E Open Office" (EOO). The EOO references the original ubiquitous computing concept covering not only applications but space design and work-style design. We have designed and implemented four types of workplaces, which include a decision-making boardroom, an enhanced discussion room, an idea-creation space, and an informal salon.

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